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How to Protect Your Rights When Filing a Car Accident Claim: 4 Key Do’s & Don’ts

How to Protect Your Rights When Filing a Car Accident Claim: 4 Key Do’s & Don’ts

To protect a potential car accident case, DO:

  1. Call the police.
  2. Get medical attention.
  3. Keep everything.
  4. Talk to a lawyer who provides free consultations.

On the other hand, protecting your rights and a potential car accident claim also means that you do NOT:

  1. Admit fault or apologize.
  2. Give a recorded or official statement if you’re not ready to.
  3. Assume the insurance company is on your side.
  4. Stop getting the medical treatments you need.

What to Do to Protect a Car Accident Claim: 4 Essential Do’s

Follow these four steps after a crash to safeguard your rights and a potential claim for car accident compensation.

1. DO Call the Police

Texas law1 requires you to report any accident that causes more than $1,000 in property damage or any injuries. That includes most accidents.

While reporting the crash is important to complying with Texas law, it can also be crucial to:

  • Getting the injured help immediately after the wreck
  • Ensuring there’s a police report for the accident
  • Determining who’s at fault for the crash

2. DO Get Medical Attention

See emergency responders at the scene and/or see a doctor afterward. Even if you don’t feel hurt, this is crucial because:

  • The shock and adrenaline of the crash can mask the pain from injuries.
  • Some injuries take time, like hours or even days, to present symptoms.
  • Medical diagnoses and treatments are documented in medical records, as well as lab tests, prescription records, and more. All of this can be important to establishing the nature and severity of the injuries from the accident.

3. DO Keep Everything

This includes the accident scene pictures, the police report, anything you receive from insurance companies, and anything you have that pertains to the crash. Any of these items can be important to a future claim.

4. DO Talk to a Lawyer who provides free consultations on your options

A car accident attorney can explain more about your legal rights, your potential claim, and how to proceed. This one conversation can shed light on what you need to do to seek the compensation you may deserve.

What NOT to Do to Protect a Car Accident Case: 4 Things to Avoid Doing

After a car accident, what you don’t do is, sometimes, just as important as what you do.

1. Do NOT Admit Fault or Apologize

You can be blamed for the accident if you accidentally admit fault or even say “sorry” after the accident.

2. Do NOT Give a Recorded or Official Statement If You’re Not Ready To

These statements, taken by insurance companies, can be used against you and a claim later. So, if you aren’t ready to discuss the facts of the case, don’t agree to give a recorded statement.

3. Do NOT Assume the Insurance Company Is on Your Side

The insurance company is NOT on your side. They’re looking out for their bottom line. In some cases, that can mean they use tricky tactics to try to reduce or even deny car accident claims. If you want someone on your side to help you navigate the process and stand up to insurers, you need an experienced car accident lawyer.

4. Do NOT Stop Getting the Medical Treatments You Need

Treatment is crucial to healing and better outcomes. It’s also important to a claim. In fact, if you stop getting medical treatments, you can open the door to an insurance company arguing that:

  • You’re not that badly injured (otherwise you’d be getting treatment).
  • You don’t deserve as much (or anything) in terms of compensation.

What to Set Your Car Accident Claim Up for Success? Contact the Amaro Law Firm

The Houston car accident lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm are ready to explain your best options for seeking justice and financial recovery. We are dedicated to helping accident victims:

  • Identify who’s at fault for their auto wrecks
  • Navigate each step on the road to recovery and justice
  • Recover compensation for their injuries and losses so they can restore their lives.

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1: Texas statute on reporting car accidents