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How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Texas

How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Texas

How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Texas

Calling the police after a car crash can provide the immediate assistance and support victims need. It can also have longer-term impacts, particularly when it comes to determining fault and pursuing a claim for compensation.

Whenever you may be involved in a wreck, and police have responded to the scene, they will write up an official accident report if accident resulted in injury, death or at least $1,000 in property damage. The report will detail items like (but not limited to):

  • The date, time and precise location of the accident
  • The names and contact information of the other involved parties
  • Witness names, contact information and statements
  • Whether traffic violations, driver impairment or other negligence-related factors played a role in causing the wreck.

Obtaining a copy of the police accident report can help you identify and pursue your legal options for compensation as you recover from the crash.

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How to Get a Texas Accident Report Online

Here is where you can search for and buy copies of auto accident reports (CR-3s) that have been investigated and written up by a Texas law enforcement officer. These reports are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for 10 years plus the year in which the accident occurred. They:

  • Cost $6 (for a standard copy) or $8 (for a certified copy)
  • Are generally available the 10th day following the accident.

To search for a report, it’s best to have and input as much of the following information as possible into TxDOT’s Crash Records Information System (CRIS):

  • The investigating officer’s badge or ID number
  • The name of the other involved drivers
  • The date and location of the crash.

If you find and buy the report for your car accident, it will be immediately delivered to you (electronically).

How to Request an Accident Report via Mail

If you can’t find your crash report online or if you prefer to receive it via physical mail, you can request a copy in writing by using Form CR-91, which is available here. The completed form, along with the required fee, should be mailed to the following address:

Crash Data and Analysis, Texas Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 12879
Austin, Texas 78711

Checks or money orders should be payable to the TxDOT.

Texas Car Accident Reports: More Important Information

  • If police do not respond to the accident scene, motorists can submit their own crash reports (Form CR-2) to the TxDOT.
  • After you receive a copy of your crash report, review it carefully to assure that it doesn’t contain any inaccuracies or inconsistencies.
  • While potentially vital to liability determinations and a future crash claim, police accident reports are not the only piece of evidence that may be necessary to prove fault and set a claim up for success. A lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm can explain what other evidence you may need to seek the full recovery you deserve.

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