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How to Find & Evaluate Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews So You Choose the Best Attorney for Your Case

How to Find & Assess Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews
How to Find & Assess Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

When negligence has harmed you or someone you love, a personal injury attorney can be the key to successfully resolving your case and getting the full amount of compensation you may deserve. With so many options for legal representation out there, one of the most effective ways to hone in on the best option for you and your case is to look at personal injury attorney reviews.

These reviews can reveal a lot about different lawyers and law firms, like the nature of their:

  • Advocacy and representation throughout the course of a case
  • Responsiveness and personal service
  • Success rate.

To help you choose the best attorney for your case, here’s some more insight about how to find and assess reviews for personal injury lawyers – and what to do after going through these reviews.

3 Places to Find Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

  1. Legal directories – These online directories, which provide search options and listings for local lawyers, also feature reviews from the public and/or legal colleagues. While some of these directories show comments, others aggregate the reviews to provide some type of overall rating, like a 5-star or A+ rating.
  2. Google and social media – These sites feature both star ratings, which offer a quick, top-level evaluation, and comments, which provide more details about individual experiences with certain firms and lawyers. These reviews can provide a clearer picture of the type of service and representation offered by different personal injury lawyers. They can also include the dates when each review has been posted (so you know whether you’re getting dated or current feedback) and whether (and how) attorneys or law firms have responded to any negative reviews.

  3. Law firm websites – Testimonials posted on law firm websites tend to be more specific than other online reviews. That’s because these reviews are more likely to share case-specific details, offering deeper insights into the way a specific firm or lawyer handles different types of cases. As a result, these reviews can be helpful when you want to get more information about how a particular attorney has handled claims similar to yours in the past.

Beyond Personal Injury Attorney Reviews: Two Steps You Can Take

Online reviews for personal injury lawyers can go a long way to informing you about their experience, representation, service, and success rate. These reviews don’t necessarily paint a complete picture, however. To really get a feel for whether a specific lawyer is the right choice for your claim, it’s also incredibly helpful to:

  1. Check a lawyer’s status with the state bar association – The Texas Bar Association has an easy-to-use search feature that lets you check whether a lawyer is eligible to practice in the state, whether (s)he is in good standing with the bar, and whether (s)he has been the subject of any disciplinary action in the past.
  2. Meet the attorney in person – Personal injury lawyers usually offer free consultations, giving you a no-cost option for making your own in-person assessment. By taking advantage of this free meeting, you can get your own impression of the skills, experience, and qualities of any attorney you’re considering hiring. And that can be essential to making the right choice for you and your case.

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