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How Personal Injury Claims Work: 5 General Phases of the Process

How Personal Injury Claims Work: 5 Phases | Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases generally move forward through these key stages:

  1. The intake
  2. The pre-litigation phase
  3. Litigation
  4. Trial
  5. The appeal process

Here’s a closer look at what occurs during each of these phases to move personal injury claims closer to a resolution.

5 Stages of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases may move through all of the following phases, or they may be resolved before the claim ever reaches the courtroom. If out-of-court resolutions don’t happen, the case can proceed through all of these phases.

Stage 1: The Intake

During this initial phase of a personal injury case, the injured party will meet with a lawyer to:

  • Determine who’s liable
  • Discuss the available legal remedies
  • Gather the necessary information to start investigating the case
  • Decide how to proceed, based on the specifics of the case and the injured person’s needs and preferences

Stage 2: Pre-litigation

Pre-litigation is the evidence-gathering process, which can involve:

  • Additional investigation
  • Evidence preservation requests
  • Depositions from witnesses
  • And more.

During this phase, it’s possible to discover additional negligent parties and possibly additional options for financial recovery. For example, pre-litigation for a truck accident case may find that a motor carrier and/or an equipment manufacturer, in addition to a negligent trucker, was liable for a wreck. 

Stage 3: Litigation

Once it’s clear who the liable party is (or parties are) in a given claim, an attorney can file the necessary documents to initiate the claim and officially get it underway. Other things that can occur during this litigation phase can include (and aren’t limited to):

  • Meeting with expert witnesses
  • Exchanging evidence with the defense
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and others

During this phase—and at any point moving forward, a case may be resolved if:

  1. The defense makes an adequate settlement offer.
  2. The plaintiff (the injured party) agrees to accept the offer.

Stage 4: Trial

At this stage, a personal injury case will go to court, and both sides will get the opportunity to present their evidence and arguments. During the trial phase of a personal injury case, here’s what typically occurs:

  1. A jury is selected.
  2. Both sides make opening arguments.
  3. The plaintiff and the defense present their cases and get the opportunity to question the other side’s witnesses.
  4. Both sides make closing statements.
  5. The case goes to the jury (or the judge) to deliberate and answer questions on the jury charge (verdict) on liability and damages.

Stage 5: Appeal

A final verdict in a trial may not be the last word in a claim. That’s because, if the trial ends in favor of the plaintiff, the defense may have the option to file an appeal. For example, the defense may argue for an appeal on the grounds of insufficient evidence or incorrect instructions given to a jury.

When appeals are filed after a verdict in a personal injury claim, it will be up to the court to determine whether or not the appeal should move forward or be denied.

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