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How Many Car Accidents Happen Daily in Houston, TX?

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More Auto Crashes Occur in Houston Than Any Other City in Texas. Here’s Why, Where & When Houston Car Accidents Usually Happen

160. That’s about how many car crashes happen every day on Houston’s roads, on average, according to the latest data. That works out to roughly 7 auto collisions every hour or 1 wreck every 10 minutes.

If you’re on Houston’s roads routinely, that could mean you have good chances of being in a crash IF:

  • You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • You don’t know what causes most Houston car wrecks.
  • You don’t know what you can do to avoid a traffic collision in Houston.

To help you out, here’s an insider’s guide to Houston auto accidents. This covers:

  1. Where most of Houston crashes happen
  2. The most dangerous times to be on Houston’s roads
  3. The leading causes of Houston auto wrecks
  4. When to speak to a Houston car accident lawyer

If you need confidential answers now about a potential case, just reach out to an experienced Houston car accident attorney.

How Risky Are Houston’s Roads?

Most Dangerous Roads in Houston, TX
Most Dangerous Roads in Houston, TX

The highways, streets, and roads in Houston are pretty risky. In fact, a recent report ranks Houston as the 19th deadliest city in the U.S. — and the 3rd deadliest city in Texas — for drivers.

To find out why, take a closer look at the most dangerous roads in Houston below.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads & Intersections in Houston, TX

I-45 is the single most dangerous road in Houston and throughout the U.S. In fact, the portion running through Houston specifically is the deadliest portion of I-45. That’s according to the latest findings, which cite motorists’ complacency about driving safety and heavy traffic as the primary dangers on this interstate.

Following 1-45, other most dangerous roads and intersections in Houston, according to a new study, are featured in the table below.

Dangerous Houston IntersectionHouston NeighborhoodAverage Number of Crashes
Pease St. & Fannin St.Downtown59
Bissonnet St. & Westchester Ave.West University41
Main St. & Montrose Blvd.Museum District39
FM 1960 & W. Lake Houston PkwyNortheast Harris County39
S. Gessner Rd. & Westpark Dr.Westchase37
Spencer Rd. & Highway 6Northeast Harris County37
Highway 6 & Bellaire Blvd.Alief36
Treaschwig Rd. & FM 1960North Harris County36
Clay Rd. & Barker Cypress Rd.North Harris County36
Highway 6 & Westheimer Rd.West Houston36

These auto accident hot spots in Houston are risky for several reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Visibility limitations due to parking garages or foliage
  • Multiple lanes of traffic, which can make traffic conditions far more complex
  • Too many, conflicting, or confusing road signs
  • Irregular road design

Are There More Car Accidents in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Fort Worth?

Houston is the site of more auto crashes and traffic collisions than ANY other city in Texas.

The table below breaks down how many motor vehicle accidents occurred in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth in 2020 (the most recent year for which data is available).

Texas CityNumber of Car Accidents
in 2020
San Antonio31,976
Fort Worth12,796

When Is the Most Dangerous Time to Be on Houston’s Roads?

Your chances of an auto accident can spike or decline, depending on when you’re on the roads in Houston. In fact, the latest data shows that most Houston car accidents occur:

Most Dangerous Times & Days to Drive in Houston
Most Dangerous Times & Days to Drive in Houston
  • During the summer and fall: From June through October, car crashes spike across Houston and the U.S. Why? Because inexperienced teen drivers, as well as more experienced motorists, tend to spend more time on the roads during the summer and fall. 
  • At night and in the early morning: In Houston and nationwide, auto accidents surge between 8:00 p.m. and 4 a.m. Limited visibility from the darkness, as well as the greater risk of drunk drivers on the roads, partly contribute to the high incidence of crashes at night.
  • On the weekends: Most motor vehicle accidents take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. That’s when more drivers are on the roads, including more drunk drivers.

No matter when you’re on the roads in or outside of Houston, car accidents can happen — even if you’re doing everything right and you’re being as safe as possible. If you’re in one of those wrecks, talking to a car accident attorney can be an efficient, effective way to get answers about your rights and legal options.

What Causes Houston Auto Wrecks?

Motorist errors, carelessness, and impairment cause most traffic collisions in Houston, as well as across Texas and the U.S. In particular, that means that many Houston car accidents are caused by:

Causes of Auto Wrecks | Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Causes of Auto Wrecks | Houston Car Accident Lawyer
  • Drunk drivers: An average of 6 drunk driving crashes occur every day on Houston’s roads. In 2020, those wrecks killed at least 79 people. That’s more drunk driving wrecks and deaths than any other city in Texas.
  • Distracted drivers: Across Houston and Harris County, an average of 27 distracted driving crashes happen every day. In the course of a year, those collisions cause thousands of injuries, many of which result in serious, lasting trauma.
  • Speeding: Drivers exceeding the speed limits cause an average of 5 auto wrecks every day in Houston and Harris County. These crashes often leave victims with severe and life-threatening injuries.
  • Failures to comply with traffic laws: While speeding is the leading traffic violation causing crashes in Houston, drivers can break the law and be responsible for wrecks in other ways too. In fact, other traffic violations that cause many car accidents in Houston include failures to yield, improper lane passing, and unsafe lane changes.

Beyond motorist errors and negligence, more top causes of auto accidents in Houston include:

  • Mechanical problems: When the equipment on vehicles malfunctions and causes crashes, it’s most often the tires, brakes, and steering systems that experience problems. Remarkably, however, defective and broken headlights, brake lights, and blinkers are also leading causes of crashes when mechanical failures are to blame.
  • Unsafe road conditions: Animals and debris in the road, road maintenance failures, and weather-induced road hazards can all contribute to auto accidents in Houston. In some cases, inherently unsafe roads — like those with sharp turns or very steep grades — can also play a role in causing Houston collisions.
  • Bad weather: Dense fog, heavy rain, torrential storms, and fierce crosswinds can all make it difficult to control vehicles. That’s why thousands of crashes happen in these conditions both in Houston and throughout the state.

Often, several factors contribute to Houston traffic collisions. Figuring all of them out can take thoughtful investigations and the insights of a knowledgeable professional.

When Should I Talk to a Lawyer After a Houston Auto Crash?

Talk to a Houston car accident attorney as soon as you can whenever:

  • You have been hurt in a crash and you need answers about your rights and who’s at fault.
  • You want to know if you have a claim and what’s involved in resolving that legal action.
  • It’s time to speak to insurance companies after a crash.
  • You think you have been wrongly blamed for a wreck.
  • You have been offered a settlement, but you haven’t accepted it yet (and you don’t know if you should).

A Houston auto accident lawyer can give you important answers, support, and advice while explaining your options and the next steps. With limited time to pursue a claim and others working to defend against liability, you have a lot to gain by speaking with an attorney ASAP.