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Prove Fault for a Slip-and-Fall Accident? 5 Key Pieces of Evidence

How Do I Prove Fault for a Slip-and-Fall Accident? 5 Key Pieces of Evidence

In general, evidence like (but not limited to) the following can be helpful in slip-and-fall cases:

  1. Accident scene photos and video
  2. Witness statements
  3. Surveillance camera footage
  4. Maintenance records
  5. Incident reports

Here’s more on the role each of these items can play in establishing liability and strengthening a slip-and-fall case.

5 Items That Can Be Helpful Evidence in Slip-and-Fall Accident Cases

While the following things can be helpful in slip-and-fall cases (and other premises liability cases), the details of a particular accident will ultimately determine what evidence is useful for a claim.

Accident Scene Photos & Video

Pictures and video can detail exactly what the accident scene looked like after the incident, potentially showing details like:

  • Flooring hazards, like spills or uneven flooring
  • Poor, insufficient, or broken lighting
  • No or broken handrails
  • Missing or obstructed signage
  • And much more.

These details can speak to how a property was kept and what specific factors may have contributed to the slip and fall.

Witness Statements

Witnesses can help fill in the blanks about what happened before, during, and/or after an accident. They can also backup key details, like (but not limited to):

  • What the accident scene looked like when the slip and fall occurred
  • How often the scene was maintained and what maintenance involved
  • Whether others have been injured by unsafe conditions at the site.

Surveillance Camera Footage

Whenever a slip and fall happens within range of a surveillance or security camera, that recording can be just as powerful as accident scene photos. While it’s not always clear whether a site is under camera surveillance, many sites and establishments—from parking lots to retailers—do have these cameras and post signage about them.

Maintenance Records

Whether it’s to maintain a permit or license—or an industry rating or awards, all types of facilities and sites are required to conduct certain maintenance and keep records regarding:

  • When and how often maintenance is done
  • Who’s responsible for conducting the maintenance activities
  • What exactly is done during maintenance.

Consequently, these records can reveal a lot about potential failures to maintain a property.

Incident Reports

Depending on where a slip-and-fall accident happens, an incident report for the accident may be created. For example, when a slip and fall happens at a warehouse, big-box store, chain restaurant, and various other places, anyone from a foreman to a manager or landlord may create an incident report.

Whenever that happens, a copy of that report may also support a slip-and-fall claim. That’s because these reports can reveal or back up details, like:

  • How injured or disoriented the victim was after the accident
  • What the accident scene looked like after the slip and fall
  • Any potential witnesses to the accident
  • And much more.

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