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How Common Are Parking Lot Accidents?

Tragically, parking lot accidents happen way too often. In fact, about 20% of all motor vehicle accidents take place in parking lots.1 This speaks to just how risky and hazardous parking lots can be.

To unpack this a bit more and highlight the hazards of parking lots, the following explains how and why parking lot accidents usually happen. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a parking lot and it’s time to get answers about your rights and legal options, contact the Amaro Law Firm. We’re here for you, ready to help you get the justice and recovery you may deserve.

Hurt in a Parking Lot Accident?

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Parking Lot Accidents?

How Common Are Parking Lot Accidents?

How Common Are Parking Lot Accidents?

Parking lot accidents can be caused by the features of a parking lot and/or the actions of the people in it. Parking lot features that can contribute to accidents may include (and aren’t limited to):

  • Unsafe design, like dangerously placed driveways or insufficient space in aisles
  • Poor lighting, which may be caused by broken bulbs or outdated lamps
  • Poor maintenance, resulting in hazards like pavement defects, missing signage, or faded pavement paint

Actions that can play a role in causing parking lot accidents include (and aren’t limited to):

  • Distraction
  • Impairment
  • Failures to comply with rights-of-way or posted signage
  • Speeding (by motorists)

Here, it’s crucial to note that:

  • Both the parking lot features and individuals’ reckless actions can be involved in causing a single accident.
  • All negligent parties can be accountable for compensating the victims of parking lot accidents for their injuries, suffering, and losses.

Who Is Commonly At-Fault for Parking Lot Accidents?

Depending on how a parking lot accident happened, those who may be at fault for the accident and the resulting harm can include (and are not limited to):

  • Any party responsible for the parking lot’s safety: This could include anyone from the property owner to the parking lot designer, maintenance crew, security staff, and others.
  • Motorists: Whenever driver negligence causes parking lot accidents, the reckless driver(s) can be liable. Motorists can include passenger vehicle drivers, Uber drivers, delivery truck drivers, emergency vehicle motorists, and others.
  • Others: Depending on how the accident happened, various other parties may share fault for it. For example, if defective vehicle equipment caused a driver to lose control and crash in a parking lot, the manufacturer of the equipment may be liable for the accident.

What’s the Best Way for Victims to Recover from Parking Lot Accidents?

Contacting the Amaro Law Firm is the best way for the victims of parking lot accidents to get on the path to recovery. That’s because the Amaro Law Firm’s experienced attorneys can help victims:

  • Figure out all at-fault parties
  • Hold every liable party accountable
  • Protect victims’ rights in any legal setting
  • Build and present the strongest possible claim
  • Work tirelessly to bring victims’ claims to the best possible resolutions.

When It’s Time to Recover from a Parking Lot Accident, It’s Time to Contact the Amaro Law Firm

After a parking lot accident, you’re not alone. You can turn to the Houston parking lot accident lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm for help.

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At the Amaro Law Firm, we know how to help victims navigate the claim and recovery process—and we know how to stand up to those whose negligent and reckless actions cause harm to others. Relentless and strategic, we can provide the advocacy victims need to get the justice and compensation they deserve.

While we understand that money can’t reverse the harm accident victims have suffered, we also know how financial recoveries can help them heal and rebuild their lives.

The Amaro Law Firm’s record of excellence and success in motor vehicle accident cases has earned us a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook, glowing testimonials from former clients, and a 10 rating on Avvo.


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