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How Car Accident Claims Work: 6 Stages to Resolve a Claim

How Car Accident Claims Work: 6 Stages to Resolve a Claim

Car accident claims follow these steps:

  1. The initial evidence-gathering stage
  2. Officially filing the claim
  3. Negotiations with the insurance company
  4. Consideration of any settlement offer
  5. The trial
  6. The jury verdict

Not all cases go through each step. The vast majority are resolved before or during trial via a settlement. Nevertheless, here’s a look at the main phases of car accident cases if they are not settled.

Phase 1: Initial Evidence-Gathering Stage

In this beginning stage, the accident is investigated to:

  • Compile evidence: This can include anything from police reports and surveillance camera footage to accident scene photos, witness statements, expert opinions, and more.
  • Determine who’s liable for the accident: This could include parties like other motorists (or anyone else on the road), automakers, trucking companies, employers, and/or several others.

Phase 2: Officially Filing the Claim

Once it’s clear who’s at fault for the wreck, you’ll know who the liable party for your claim is. This phase of the process involves submitting various documentation to insurance companies and potentially the court (depending on the nature of the case).

Phase 3: Negotiations with the Insurance Company

With the case in the hands of an insurance company, it’s time to work out the details, provide the necessary information, and negotiate with them to resolve the claim.

Phase 4: Consideration of Any Settlement Offer

If the insurance company offers a car accident settlement, you’ll then have to determine whether or not to accept it. This is an important decision that’s best to make with a lawyer.

An attorney can explain whether or not the settlement offer is adequate, based on the specifics of your case. Remember, even though an offer may look good on paper, it can still far short of providing the compensation necessary to cover years of medical bills and lost wages. 

Phase 5: Trial

If no settlement offer is extended or the offer is rejected, the case will proceed to trial. This phase will progress according to the court’s schedule, so it can take some time.

During the trial, each side will present its arguments and evidence, ending with a closing statement that sums up their case.

Phase 6: The Jury Verdict

Ultimately, a jury will decide whether the victim (the plaintiff) is entitled to an award and, if so, how much that award should be.

Given that car accident claims can take some time to resolve, it’s crucial to get them started as soon as possible so you can get on the road to seeking the compensation you may deserve.

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