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How Are Settlements for Slip & Falls Determined? 3 Factors to Consider

How Are Settlements for Slip & Falls Determined? 3 Factors to Consider

Compensation for slip-and-fall accident cases varies, largely depending on the:

  1. Injuries and damages
  2. Negligence
  3. Liable party (or parties)

Slip-and-Fall Compensation: The Impact of Injuries, Negligence, Liable Parties & Damages

Whether slip-and-fall cases are resolved via settlements or jury awards, the following three factors play a major role in determining the amount of compensation for a given claim.

Injuries & Damages

Slip and falls can cause mild to severe injuries, ranging from sprains and concussions to multiple bone fractures and traumatic brain injuries. When these accidents cause more serious injuries, victims can be left with more:

  • Extensive and expensive medical treatments
  • Missed time from work and lost earnings
  • Lasting impacts on their quality of life

Compensation for slip-and-fall accident cases is intended to cover these types of losses, compensating the victim so (s)he can be “whole” again (to the extent possible). This compensation is known as compensatory damages for slip and falls.

Given that more serious injuries are typically associated with far more losses, it makes sense that cases involving severe slip-and-fall injuries would generally see higher compensation amounts.


How was the accident caused? Were there multiple forms of negligence that contributed to a single accident? Was the act of negligence particularly horrific or awful? And did any pattern of negligence exist?

If the answer to any of the last three questions is ‘yes,’ punitive damages may be available. These damages, in contrast to compensatory damages, are meant to punish negligent parties, and they’re can be granted on top of any compensatory damages. So, whenever punitive damages are on the line, they can significantly increase the compensation from slip-and-fall cases.

Liable Party or Parties

Whose negligence contributed to the slip-and-fall accident? If the answer to this question is:

  • The victim in part, compensation for a successful slip-and-fall case will be reduced proportionally to the victim’s level of negligence in causing the accident

  • Multiple parties, each liable party can be legally obligated to compensate the victim, and that usually means higher compensation amounts.

When another individual or a company is among the liable parties, other details of the accident will also strongly factor into compensation amounts.

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