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Houston’s Most Dangerous Roads for Truck Drivers

Houston's Most Dangerous Roads for Truck Drivers

18-Wheeler Accidents Are Most Likely to Occur on These Houston Roads, Data Shows

Houston, TX, is one of the top 25 metros in the U.S. with the worst roads. That’s according to a recent study reporting that nearly 29% of Houston’s major roads are in poor condition. 

While that alone would be enough to create real risks for 18-wheeler drivers, it’s not the only danger lurking on Houston’s roads. Another report, from Texas A&M, has identified 36 of Texas’ most congested roads being within the Greater Houston area.

With so many risky roads and so much traffic congestion, it’s no wonder Houston and Harris County have seen an average of 16 commercial vehicle wrecks daily since 2018.

Where are those truck crashes happening? And which Houston roads are the riskiest for big rigs?

Let’s find out.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in Houston for Trucks

The table below highlights Houston’s most dangerous roads for tractor-trailers, based on road conditions, traffic congestion, and crash data. Please note that some roadways are listed multiple times because different sections of that road are especially high risk for truckers and 18-wheeler wrecks.

Road Section of Road Explanation
Interstate 45 (I-45) Exit 63 (Airtex Dr.) to Metro TX 249 station

Route 5 to Exit 50
I-45 has been named the deadliest road in the U.S.
Interstate 10 (I-10) I-45 to I-69

I-610 to I-45

North Eldridge Parkway to Sam Houston Tollway (SL 8)
I-10 has been ranked as the 5th deadliest road in the U.S.
West Loop Freeway (I-610) Katy Freeway (I-10) to Southwest Freeway (I-69) TxDOT has named the W. Loop as the deadliest highway interchange in Texas.
Tomball Parkway (TX-249) Antoine Drive to W. Greens Road TX-249 has been named the 3rd deadliest section of road in Texas.
North Loop (I-610) I-45 to I-10 N. Loop is the 2nddeadliest highway interchange in Texas.

When Are Houston’s Roads the Most Dangerous for Truckers?

While some roads in Harris County are especially risky for big rigs, any road in Houston can present major risks under certain conditions. Some of these riskier road conditions for truckers can come with:

  • Highway work zones: An average of 7 work zone crashes occur every day in Houston, and many of these involve trucks and other commercial vehicles.
  • Wet roads: About 15% of all truck accidents in Texas occur on wet roads. Since moisture on the roads can impact traction and stopping distances, this change in road conditions can present unique risks for truckers.
  • Rush hour & the holidays: During these times of the day and year, Houston’s roads tend to be packed with far more motorists. Given that 9 in 10 truck accidents involve some type of driver error, it’s no surprise that being packed on the roads with more drivers would increase the risk of wrecks for even the most experienced and safest truckers.

Of course, Houston roads can be risky for truckers and other motorists whenever negligence — in various forms — rears its ugly head. Whenever negligence hurts truckers and others on Houston roads, talking to an attorney can uncover the options for justice and recovery.