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When most drivers think about the reasons behind major 18 wheeler accidents, they may consider factors such as speeding, intoxication, or poor weather conditions. However, a recent government report showed that as much as 40 percent of all accidents involving tractor trailers are categorized as “fatigued driver accidents”. A fatigued driver accident occurs when a truck driver has been driving for so long that the driver’s body and mind cannot respond to their surroundings in time to avoid a collision.

Driver fatigue can be as dangerous as intoxication. Here’s how and why. When driver fatigue causes truck wrecks, victims can count on the Amaro Law Firm for help seeking justice.

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Regulations Fail to Prevent Fatigued Driver Accidents

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has established several regulations to prevent fatigued driver accidents. These regulations include:

  • Limiting drivers to 11 consecutive hours on the road
  • Limiting drivers to 14 hours of work in a 24-hour period
  • Requiring that drivers take a ten-hour break between driving shifts
  • Restarting the work week after drivers take at least 2.5 consecutive days off.

However, some drivers and trucking companies either fail to comply with these rules, or alter their records to show that they are in compliance. These failures to comply with safety regulations often lead to fatigued driver accidents.


Reasons for Fatigued Driver Accidents
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