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Causes of 18 Wheeler Accidents

From food to furniture, from computers to construction equipment, almost every aspect of the American consumer economy depends on tractor trailers to haul large loads across long distances. Tractor trailer drivers are often under pressure to bring their cargo hundreds, or even thousands, of miles in a short time. With drivers under this much pressure, mistakes can happen all too frequently. These mistakes often lead to an 18 wheeler accident injury, either to the truck drivers or to other innocent motorists who must share the road with them.

Numbers of 18 Wheeler Accident Injury Cases

Statistics compiled by state and federal highway safety agencies have shown that 18 wheeler accident injury incidents are among the most devastating and widespread personal injury cases on record. More than 130,000 reports of 18 wheeler accident injuries occur on average every year, with 5,000 of those accidents leading to at least one fatality. As more drivers with less training drive longer hours and haul heavier loads, the odds of an 18 wheeler accident injury increase every year.

Causes of 18 Wheeler Accident Injury
Awards from 18 Wheeler Accident Injury Lawsuits

Know Your Rights in an 18 Wheeler Accident Injury Lawsuit

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