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Houston Takata Airbag Death Confirmed

A spokesman for the Honda Motor Company stated that a man’s Houston Takata airbag death was tied to the defective safety systems. Carlos Solis is the first Houston Takata airbag death reported since news of the manufacturer’s flawed airbag systems was made public. An attorney for the Solis family told reporters that Mr. Solis had not received any notices regarding the defective airbags, which have been the target of massive recall efforts by multiple automakers.

Details of the Houston Takata Airbag Death

The Houston Takata airbag death occurred when Mr. Solis’s 2002 Honda Civic collided with a 2003 Infiniti G35 on January 18, 2015. The family’s Houston Takata airbag death lawsuit states that the airbag inflation system exploded, “causing shards of metal to be propelled” into Mr. Solis. The suit also cites a police report that showed evidence of a sharp metal fragment striking Mr. Solis in the neck. Mr. Solis reportedly bled out from the wound and died soon after the accident.

Airbag Flaw Tied to Houston Takata Airbag Death

Mr. Solis’s Houston Takata airbag death show similar circumstances to at least five other deaths, most of which occurred in Southern states with high humidity. Laboratory tests have shown that a chemical used in the airbag inflation system can become volatile in high-humidity environments, such as Florida and the Gulf Coast States. The manufacturer issued a limited recall on the airbag systems, but has resisted calls from federal officials to expand their efforts nationwide. Many of the company’s automaker clients, including Honda, have issued nationwide recalls on vehicles with Takata airbags.

Houston Takata Airbag Death Shows Flaws in Recall System

The Solis family’s attorney told reporters that the Houston Takata airbag death shows how the recall notification system still contains numerous potential flaws. When Mr. Solis purchased the car from a local used car lot in April 2014, the 2002 Accord was already under a recall notice issued in 2011. A Honda representative stated that the company issued “several mailed recall notifications” to the car’s original owner, but the part had yet to be repaired. The attorney cited the “insufficient tracking of recall notifications” to dealers and owners as a contributing factor in Mr. Solis’s Houston Takata airbag death.

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Know Your Rights in a Houston Takata Airbag Death Lawsuit

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