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Houston College & Universities

As a top-rated personal injury law firm in Texas, The Amaro Law Firm deeply values higher education. In fact, we sponsor a scholarship contest annually, offering thousands of dollars to support local college-bound students’ educational journeys.

Whether you or someone you love is getting ready to apply for or attend college, here is a helpful guide to the many colleges and universities in Houston, Texas. This guide features an array of higher education institutions, including:

  • Private universities
  • State universities
  • Community colleges
  • Law schools

Public (State) Universities in Houston, TX

Houston is home to four different state universities, including:

  1. The University of Houston (UH): Located in the historic Third Ward, UH is a tier-one research institution, as well as the flagship of the University of Houston System (UHS). It enrolls roughly 47,000 undergraduates annually.
  2. The University of Houston–Clear Lake (UHCL): As part of UHS, the University of Houston–Clear Lake offers more than 90 programs across three different campuses, as well as online. UHCL enrolls roughly 9,100 students each year.
  3. The University of Houston–Downtown (UHD): Sitting in the heart of Downtown Houston, UHD offers 56 different degree programs while enrolling just over 15,077 annually.
  4. Texas Southern University (TSU): As one of the largest historically black universities in the nation, TSU has a rich history going back nearly 100 years. Today, it’s known for its various degree programs, as well as its booming enrollment, which is up to more than 7,500 students each year.

Private Universities in Houston, TX

For students who want a private education experience at the university level, Houston has several options, including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Rice University: Located in the Museum District, Rice is consistently ranked within the top 20 best universities in the nation. It’s comprised of 11 residential colleges and has been a leader in higher education for more than a century since it was founded in 1912.
  2. Strayer University: For 130+ years, Strayer University has helped aspiring professionals shape their future with cutting-edge degree programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It consists of 3 campuses, as well as online degree options.
  3. North American University: As one of the newest universities to grace the Houston college scene, North American University is a smaller institution that provides a student-centered learning environment with the mission of “promoting global cultural competency, personal growth, and responsible citizenship.”
  4. American InterContinental University: Dedicated to helping students preserve their work-life balance, AICU at Houston offers 24 flexible bachelor programs across several specialties, with the mission of supporting students’ career aspirations.

Along with these nonsectarian options, Houston is also home to a handful of religious-based colleges and universities, including (but not limited to):

  1. College of Biblical Studies
  2. Houston Baptist University
  3. University of St. Thomas

Community Colleges in Houston, TX

Community colleges can offer a convenient, affordable way to earn college credits, certain credentials, and even an associate degree. Depending on someone’s chosen profession and current life circumstances, community colleges can be the ideal fit when it comes to advancing one’s education at a lower cost and with some more flexibility than state and private universities may offer.

Some of the many community colleges in Houston include:

  • The Houston Community College System, with 23 commuter campuses
  • Lone Star College System, with 7 physical campuses and an online “campus”
  • San Jacinto College, with 5 campuses across the Greater Houston area

Keep in mind that several community colleges are also located around the outskirts of Greater Houston. That can be more convenient for families who live in the suburbs and don’t want to commute to Houston to earn a degree.

Law Schools in Houston, TX

While many of the Houston universities already mentioned do offer graduate and doctoral programs, that’s not the only option for postgraduate studies in Houston. In fact, aspiring attorneys can earn their law degree in Houston by attending one of the area’s law schools:

  • Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University: With a rich 70-year history, the Thurgood Marshall School of Law is driven by a mission to “enhance our preeminence as the Law School of inclusion and opportunity by continuing to rise on our standards of equality and excellence.”
  • University of Houston Law Center: Ranked as a top-tier law school, the University of Houston Law Center is known for several exceptional programs, including those focusing on international law, tax law, health law, and environmental law.
  • South Texas College of Law: With a history dating back to 1886, South Texas College of Law is known for its rich curriculum, diverse student population, and high employment for recent graduates.

Staying Safe in Houston

No matter where or when you pursue higher education in Houston, there are good chances that you’ll be regularly commuting across the city (even if you’re earning your degree online). If you’re ever hurt in a crash on Houston’s roads, one of the smartest things you can do to protect yourself is to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer and learn more about your rights and the legal options for recovery, and how an attorney may be able to help you recover.


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