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Houston Burn Injury Lawyer

More than one million people suffer some type of burn injury in the United States each year. Over 4,500 of these individuals die from their injuries and countless others require hospitalization or years of medical care and physical therapy.

Burn injuries can have lifelong impacts. When these injuries are the result of another’s negligence, victims can turn to the Amaro Law Firm for help seeking justice and compensation.

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Legal Help for Burn Injury Claims

At Amaro Law Firm, we possess an intimate knowledge of personal injury law. We also possess a deep understanding of the insurance claims process, as our firm’s founder previously served as an insurance defense attorney. This enables to us to provide effective and compassionate representation to individuals who are seeking restitution for the injuries they have suffered in accidents. Our legal team is prepared to fight for a resolution in your burn injury case that involves you receiving full compensation for your injury related expenses.

Different Forms of Burns

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