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Parking Lot 18-Wheeler Accidents

Big rigs are one of the many vehicles that may pass through or stop in parking lots. From dropping off deliveries to stopping overnight, 18-wheelers can be in parking lots at all times of the day or night—and they can present new risks and hazards.

Whenever a truck wreck occurs in a parking lot, the outcome can be catastrophic. When it’s time to pick up the pieces and determine who’s at fault, it’s time to contact the Amaro Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys are trusted advocated who are dedicated to helping accident victims seek the justice and recovery they deserve.

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What Causes Truck Accidents in Parking Lots?

Parking Lot 18-Wheeler Accidents

Parking Lot 18-Wheeler Accidents

Parking lot truck accidents are often caused by preventable negligence. Commonly, this comes in the form of:

  • Unsafe parking lot design: When parking lots are too cramped or they have poorly designed loading zones, truck drivers may not be able to safely maneuver to where they need to go. Other design features that can contribute to parking lot truck accidents can include poor layout, poorly placed driveways, and aisles that are too narrow.
  • Insufficient lighting in parking lots: Without adequate lighting, truck drivers may not be able to see signage, striping or paint on the pavement, and other essential visual cues. This can put truckers in the wrong place at the wrong time, increasing the risk of parking lot accidents, injuries, and death.
  • Poorly maintained parking lots: Failures to maintain parking lots can result in pavement defects, debris in the lot, missing signage, and other hazards. Any of these factors can make it difficult to safely maneuver trucks in parking lots, creating avoidable and unnecessary accident risks.
  • Motorist negligence: Even when parking lots may be as safe as possible, the drivers in them may not be. In fact, passenger vehicle drivers and/or truckers may be speeding, distracted, impaired, or otherwise careless or reckless behind the wheel. When they are, they are putting everyone around them at risk.

Various other forms of negligence can contribute to parking lot truck wrecks, and sometimes, the negligence of multiple parties can play a role in causing a single accident.

Who’s At Fault for Parking Lot 18-Wheeler Accidents?

Fault for a parking lot truck accident will depend on exactly what caused the accident to happen. Generally, parties like (but not limited to) the following may be at fault when these wrecks occur:

  • Parking lot owners or property managers
  • Parking lot designers or architects
  • Parking lot maintenance or landscaping crew
  • Truck drivers
  • Passenger vehicle drivers

Some evidence that can be helpful to determining fault can include (and is not limited to):

  • Police reports
  • Accident scene photos
  • Security camera surveillance footage
  • Witness statements
  • Debris from the wreck
  • Maintenance records for the parking lot
  • Data from a truck’s electronic onboard recorder
  • A trucker’s logbook

The best way to determine who’s at fault for your parking lot truck accident is to contact a trusted Houston attorney at the Amaro Law Firm. We’re here for you, ready to help.

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At the Amaro Law Firm, we know how devastating parking lot truck accidents can be—and we know how crucial compensation can be to healing and restoring lives. That’s why we’re relentless when it comes to pursuing the any possible compensation for our clients. While we know compensation can erase the damage caused by parking lot truck wrecks, we also know how these recoveries can help people rebuild their lives.

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