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Honda Announces Takata Side Airbag Recall

Honda Motor Corporation has issued a Takata side airbag recall on more than 1,250 of its 2015 Crosstour sport utility vehicles. Unlike the standard Takata recall for the driver and passenger seat airbags, the issue behind Takata side airbag recall relates to a problem with the system’s inflator tube. A statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the side air bag may not inflate properly in a rollover accident.

Takata Side Airbag Recall Not Related To Other Recalls

The Honda announcement on the Takata side airbag recall is not directly related to the company’s statement on the massive recall of millions of vehicles with Takata airbags in the front seats. In Honda’s statement about the Takata side airbag recall, the automaker said that no accidents reports had been tied to the inflator tube defect. The issues with the front seat Takata airbag recall, which involve a highly volatile chemical in the airbag inflation system, have been tied to at least five deaths. Laboratory tests have shown that the inflation system can propel metal and plastic shards at high speeds into the vehicle’s occupants, which can cause serious or fatal injuries.

Takata Side Airbag Recall Latest Problem For Manufacturer

Honda’s Takata side airbag recall marks the latest problem for the Japanese parts manufacturer. The number of vehicles affected by the new Takata side airbag recall stands as a miniscule amount next to the millions of vehicles targeted in the front-seat recall. The company has yet to issue a nationwide recall on its defective front airbag system, limiting its manufacturer’s recall to areas of the country with historically high humidity. However, at least five major automakers have issued nationwide recall notices for the dangerous airbag system.

Takata Side Airbag Recall Creates More Bad News

The announcement of the Takata side airbag recall closes out a year that the Japanese manufacturer would rather forget. Five of the ten major automakers, including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda and Mazda, have all announced nationwide recalls on front-seat Takata airbag systems. Honda is the only manufacturer to issue a Takata side airbag recall as of this writing, but the company announced an immediate nationwide recall to deal with the problem. Owners of Crosstour vehicles with the airbag problem will receive a notice from the company, which entitles them to free replacements of the side airbag systems.

Source: CBS News

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