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2 Dead & 10 Injured after Head-On Collision between a School Bus & a Semi-Truck in Bloomington, IL

2 Dead in IL Bus & Semi-Truck Wreck

2 Dead in IL Bus & Semi-Truck Wreck

At about 8:32 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5, a semi-truck and a school bus were involved in a deadly head-on collision just south of Bloomington, IL.

According to investigators, the semi-truck driver was going the wrong way on west Interstate 74 (I-74) just before the crash. The school bus, which was transporting 3 adults and 8 students on a freshman girls’ basketball team, was reportedly heading back to Normal Community West High School after a game.

The 34-year-old male driver of the semi-truck and a 72-year-old male passenger on the school bus suffered fatal injuries. The school bus driver and the basketball coach were airlifted to a nearby hospital for critical care. While the bus driver is reportedly in “critical” condition, the coach, who suffered multiple fractures and will need surgery, is reportedly in “fair” condition.

The 8 students on the bus were also transported to a nearby hospital for various injuries, none of which were reportedly life-threatening. By about noon on the Thursday following the crash, all 8 students had reportedly been released from the hospital.

Authorities have not shared any additional details about this truck crash due to their ongoing investigation.

Expressing shock after the wreck, McLean County Superintendent Mark Daniel said that it was a “miracle” that there are so many survivors. “As you look at the photos and the footage of the accident, it appears that the front end of the bus doesn’t exist three rows forward. So that’s why that impact must have been substantial,” said Superintendent Mark Daniel.

What Could Have Caused Such a Horrific Wreck?

As families wait for answers and authorities continue their investigation, many are now asking why the semi-truck driver was traveling the wrong way on I-74 and what could – and should – have been done to prevent this devastating crash.

Along with witness statements, evidence like (but not limited to) the following may play a pivotal role in establishing exactly why the trucker was traveling the wrong way on I-74 and precisely who is to blame for this horrific accident:

  • The trucker’s logbook – This could reveal whether the semi driver may have driven for an excessive number of hours and whether trucker fatigue may have been a factor.
  • The trucker’s driving record – These records may uncover a history of risky or dangerous behavior on the part of the truck driver, as well as whether he has a history of causing (or being involved) in crashes.
  • The trucking company’s records – This evidence could reveal whether the motor carrier negligently hired an unsafe or unqualified driver. It may also uncover whether the motor carrier’s policies and/or failures to comply with trucking regulations may have contributed to this wreck.
  • Toxicology reports – The findings of these reports could show whether any of the involved drivers may have been impaired by alcohol and/or drugs at the time of the accident.
  • Cell phone records – These records may show whether distracted driving was a factor in this crash.

As victims, families and the entire community await more details, the school has taken action to provide crisis counselors for students and staff, and others are planning memorials for the victims of this fatal wreck.

The Amaro Law Firm Extends the Deepest Condolences to Everyone
Who Has Been Harmed by This Deadly Bus & Truck Accident.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any information about this wreck – or if you have been harmed in any type of crash and need helpful advice regarding your legal options.

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