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GM Vehicle Recalls (Almost) Done, Says CEO Barra

At a press conference in New Delhi, India, this week, General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra announced that GM vehicle recalls have been “substantially completed.”  The company has issued numerous GM vehicle recalls this year, the most serious of which involved a recall of more than 7 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches. The newest GM vehicle recall involves problems with the anti-lock braking system on the company’s Chevrolet Aveo and Pontiac G3 models.

Millions of Cars in 2014 GM Vehicle Recalls

From January 12 to July 21, the automaker has issued more than 50 GM vehicle recalls, affecting more than 30 million vehicles. The reasons behind the GM vehicle recalls have ranged from overheated exhaust components to poor welds in passenger seat brackets. Some minor recalls have only affected a few dozen vehicles, while the controversial ignition switch design flaw forced the recall of over 7 million of the automaker’s most popular sedans.

Source: CNN

Latest GM Vehicle Recalls Involve ABS System

The latest set of GM vehicle recalls involve a flaw in the vehicles anti-lock braking system. The company stated that 2014-2015 model year Chevrolet Impalas and certain 2009 -2010 model year Chevy Aveos and 2009 Pontiac G3s have ABS rear brakes with brake fluid that will not prevent corrosion on the braking system’s module valve. The flaw may cause corrosion to build up on the valve, which can lead to reduced braking performance and the rear wheels to lock up. This set of GM vehicle recalls covers around 17,000 vehicles.

Source: GM Authority

Barra Inherits Legacy of GM Vehicle Recalls

The avalanche of GM vehicle recalls since January coincided with the ascension of Ms. Barra to the CEO position. However, the problems associated with the dozens of GM vehicle recalls preceded her taking the position. In her New Delhi press conference, she pledged to have the company “maker sure that as new vehicles come out, they achieve even higher levels” of quality and safety. She also stated that the company is committed to “a true zero-defect mentality” similar to the nuclear power and aerospace industries.

Sources: Bloomberg

Ignition Switch Most Serious of GM Vehicle Recalls

An internal report regarding the faulty ignition switches that led to the most serious GM vehicle recalls showed that a GM engineer replaced the defective part, but labeled the functional part with the same part number as the defective switch. The investigators viewed this action as an attempt to cover up the defective switch design, which would cause the vehicle to lose power if the ignition switch housing was bumped or jostled. The internal report attributed 13 deaths and 50 injuries to the design flaw, but lawsuits related to the GM vehicle recalls attribute more than 100 deaths and hundreds of injuries to the faulty switches.

Know Your Rights in a GM Vehicle Recall Lawsuit

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