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GM Seat Recall Issued for 823,000 Vehicles

Owners of popular vehicles, such as the GMC Sierra pickup truck, the Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Equinox and Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck may be eligible for the latest GM seat recall. General Motors recently issued a recall for 823,000 cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. Nearly half a million of these recalls were related to faulty seats and poor welds on seat brackets, while other recalls were issued for loose suspension bolts, poor roof rack bolts and failures in the power steering system.

GM Seat Recall Adds to Car Giant’s Problems

The GM seat recall represents the latest of a long string of problems for the automotive giant. The company has already been plagued by a massive and well-publicized recall of millions of its small cars due to a faulty ignition switch design. The ignition system would inadvertently cut power to the vehicle, causing drivers to lose control and preventing the air bags from deploying in a collision. The fault has been blamed for at least 13 deaths and dozens of injuries.

GM Seat Recall Sets Record

The most recent GM seat recall sets the number of company recalls for the past twelve months at 60, affecting nearly 30 million vehicles on the road. The number of vehicles affected by the recalls surpasses the company’s previous record of 11.8 million vehicles recalled in 2004. The record number for GM alone nearly matches the total number of vehicles recalled in all of 2004 at 30.8 million.

GM Seat Recall: More to Come?

The GM seat recall may signal a change in company culture, but it may also be a sign of more recalls to come. The company is in the midst of a safety review, which led to the GM seat recall information coming to light. The safety review is an effort to rectify some of the behavior revealed in a report on the ignition switch issues. GM was fined $35 million by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for delaying its safety reports surrounding the faulty ignition switches. Alan Adler, a GM spokesman, said that the GM seat recall should show that the company has altered its approach to apparent safety problems by issuing more recall notices at the earliest opportunity.

GM Seat Recall: Safety Issues?

While reports have yet to arise on the safety issues surrounding the GM seat recall, government agencies and trial attorneys continue to probe the issue surrounding the ignition switches. Although GM claims that only 13 people died in accidents related to the problem, the company’s reports only cite those fatalities related to front-end collisions. Other groups maintain that side- and rear-impact accidents tied to the faulty ignition switches would push the death toll into triple digits.

Source: Washington Post

Know Your Rights in a GM Seat Recall Lawsuit

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