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GM Recall Notice Letters Sent to 440,000 Owners

General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra announced that the company would send 440,000 letters to vehicle owners who have not yet responded to GM recall notices. The letters will inform vehicle owners about the company’s compensation program for accident victims, including those involving the 32 fatal collisions for which GM has approved claims payments. The letters also serve to remind owners who had initially ignored the first GM recall notices in February to get their vehicles checked out and get free replacement parts as needed.

Ignition Switch Flaw Spurs GM Recall Notices

The automaker issued GM recall notices in February due to reports of vehicles containing defective ignition switches. The switches would move from the “ON” position to the “ACC” position when the driver jostled the switch or when a heavy key chain was attached to the ignition key. The change in the switch would cause the vehicle to lose power to its major components, including the power steering, power brakes, and airbag deployment systems. The GM recall notices warned owners to remove any heavy objects from their key chains and to visit a dealership for replacement parts and loaner vehicles.

Used Car Owners Receive GM Recall Notices

The most recent round of letters are targeting used car owners who may not have received the initial GM recall notices. Reports have shown that vehicles from as far back as 1998 may have had the faulty switches installed, so any of the affected vehicles still on the road may have gone through multiple owners. Jim Cain, a spokesman for the automaker, said that the company spent considerable time and effort to track down many of the current owners and deliver the news about the GM recall notices.

Letters Follow Up On GM Recall Notices

Mr. Cain also told the media that the company made extensive preparation before sending the letters informing the owners about the GM recall notices. He said that the company has sent more than 5 million letters to owners affected by the GM recall notices in the U.S. and Canada since July. The letters target the current and former owners of more than 2.6 million small sedans affected by the ignition switch flaw from 1998 to 2014.

GM Recall Notices and Injury Claims

Industry observers estimate that the injury claims stemming from the GM recall notices could cost the company more than $600 million. GM has already established a fund to compensate accident victims and their families. The fund will pay out $300,000 to the spouses and children who lost loved ones to accidents related to the ignition switch flaw, as well as $1 million for each death claim. The company has already approved the payment of 32 death claims and 35 injury claims.

Source: Detroit News

Know Your Rights in a GM Ignition Switch Recall Case

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