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GM Recall Death Claims Rise to 42

The current number of GM recall death claims eligible for compensation has risen to 42, up from 36 a week ago. The automaker has agreed to pay out at least $1 million for each of the GM recall death claims related to accidents stemming from its defective ignition switch. The company has also authorized payment for 58 cases of severe injuries stemming from hundreds of claims.

Ignition Switch Spurs GM Recall Death Claims

The GM recall death claims arose from a decade-long issue with the ignition switch in several popular small and mid-size sedans. The ignition switch would move from the “ON” to the “ACC” position if the driver jostled the ignition switch assembly or if a heavy key chain weighed down the key. The GM recall death claims stem from a series of fatal accidents that occurred when the ignition switch flaw would cause a power loss to the power steering, power brakes and airbag deployment systems.

Millions Set Aside For GM Recall Death Claims

Earlier this year, GM issued a massive recall on the affected vehicles. The recall covered more than 2.6 million vehicles across the U.S. and included many of its popular brands, such as Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC pickup trucks. The automaker has reportedly set aside $400 million to cover GM recall death claims and other injury claims related to the flaw. As more GM recall death claims come into the company’s compensation fund, some experts expect that amount to rise to over $600 million.

More GM Recall Death Claims Coming Soon?

Since the compensation fund opened in August, the company has received more than 250 GM recall death claims and over 2,000 injury claims. Many of these claims have been ruled ineligible, have lacked sufficient documentation or included no verifiable proof. Hundreds of GM recall death claims and injury claims are still under review. Kenneth Feinberg, the compensation fund’s chief administrator, has placed a deadline of January 31, 2015, for any additional claims.

Penalties From GM Recall Death Claims

The additional GM recall death claims have been the latest piece of bad news for the troubled automaker. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration fined the company $35 million for its role in covering up the ignition switch defect for more than a decade. An internal investigation showed that the engineers had not reported the defect for fear of announcing a massive recall during a low point in the company’s history. Several branches of the federal government, including Congress, have also been investigating the company’s behavior and may administer further punishments.

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Know Your Rights in a GM Recall Death Claims Lawsuit

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