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GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit Claims Pregnant Wife Died From Defect

A West Virginia man filed a GM ignition switch recall lawsuit claiming that the defect in his pregnant wife’s 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt cost her her life and that of the couple’s unborn child. Jason Vest filed the GM ignition switch recall lawsuit against the auto manufacturer, the dealership that sold him the car and the manufacturer of the defective part. His suit claims that the faulty ignition switch prevented the car’s airbags from deploying in a collision.

GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit Blames Flaw For Woman’s Death

Mr. Vest’s GM ignition switch recall lawsuit cites that his wife, Keisha, was driving to work on the morning of May 2, 2006, when her brakes failed at a stop sign. Mrs. Vest lost control of the vehicle, running through the sign and into the path of an oncoming 18 wheeler. The force of the collision resulted in head and chest injuries to Mrs. Vest. The lawsuit claims that her death could have been prevented if the car’s air bags had properly deployed.

Company Faces Thousands of GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuits

Mr. Vest’s GM ignition switch recall lawsuit is one among thousands of cases filed by drivers of the affected vehicles. An internal GM report revealed that the company knew about the problem as far back as 2001, but only issued recall notices this year. The recall notice affected more than 3 million vehicles, including the popular Chevrolet Cobalt. GM officials reportedly received nearly 250 complaints about the 2005 Cobalt alone.

GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit Tied to Defective Part

The plethora of GM ignition switch recall lawsuits stems from a design flaw in the switch. In cases where the driver bumps the switch, drives on rough roads or places heavy items on a key chain connected to it, the vehicle can lose power. The power loss affects systems ranging from power steering to braking to the air bags deployment process. When the power loss occurs as the vehicle is in motion, the driver may lose control and cause serious injuries to himself and other drivers.

GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit Alleges Negligence, Fraud

The GM ignition switch recall lawsuit filed by Mr. Vest alleges that GM, parts manufacturer Delphi Automotive and the Ramey Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealership engaged in negligence, fraud, breach of warranty and other violations of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protections Act. Mr. Vest’s suit seeks relief for his wife’s pain and suffering, the loss of her income as well as medical, funeral and legal expenses. The suit also seeks punitive and statutory damages against the defendants.

Source: Charleston Daily Mail

Know Your Rights in a GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit

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