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GM Ignition Switch Lawsuits Claim 100 Deaths

The compensation fund dedicated to processing settlements from numerous GM ignition switch lawsuits has received 284 claims, including 100 that attribute the ignition switch design flaw to fatal accidents. The 100 deaths cited in the GM ignition switch lawsuit claims are much higher than the 13 fatalities reported in GM’s initial findings. The compensation fund will continue to accept applications for settlements until the end of the year, so the number of deaths and injuries are expected to be much higher.

Design Flaw Spurs GM Ignition Switch Lawsuits

The GM ignition switch lawsuits stem from a flaw in the switch’s design. The flaw would cause the switch to move from the “ON” position to the “ACC” position. The switch would change position after the vehicle encountered an uneven surface or if a heavy keychain jarred the ignition switch assembly. The switch’s movement would shut down power to the vehicle, including the power steering and airbag deployment systems.

Millions of Vehicles Affected By GM Ignition Switch Lawsuits

The ignition switch flaw forced the automaker to recall more than 2.6 million vehicles manufactured from 1997 to 2014. The recall included popular models such as the Buick Lacrosse, the Chevrolet Camaro, Impala and Malibu, the Cadillac CTS, DTS and SRX, and the Pontiac Grand Am, Grand Prix and Solstice. The GM ignition switch lawsuits allege that the company covered up the design flaw and continued to allow the faulty switches to be installed in their vehicles.

Company Sets Aside $400M For GM Ignition Switch Lawsuits

Ken Feinberg, the administrator of the compensation fund, stated that the company has set aside at least $400 million to cover the GM ignition switch lawsuits. The amount could go as high as $600 million and, according to Mr. Feinberg, the company has not set a limit on the available funds. However, these funds may not be available for drivers who have filed separate GM ignition switch lawsuits due to the loss of value on the recalled vehicles. Another court is expected to deliver a decision on that case by the end of the year.

Source: Detroit News

Know Your Rights in a GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

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