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GM Airbag Recall Affects 2,400 Pickup Trucks

The latest recall notice from troubled automaker General Motors involves a GM airbag recall on more than 2,400 of its most popular mid-sized pickup trucks. The company had ordered its dealers to stop selling the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups due to an issue with its airbags in October. The GM airbag recall involves a flaw in the wiring that controls the airbag deployment system. While no reports of injuries or fatalities related to the problem have been released, GM considers the problem a serious issue.

Wiring Flaw Spurs GM Airbag Recall

The GM airbag recall stems from tests the company conducted on the driver side airbag system. The tests revealed that the wires controlled the airbag deployment system were installed incorrectly. When wired correctly, the airbag system would deploy in two stages to minimize injury to the driver. The company issued the GM airbag recall when tests revealed that the deployment process was reversed, which disrupted the sequence and could lead to driver injuries.

GM Airbag Recall Adds To Record Year

With 79 previous recalls in 2014 alone, the GM airbag recall adds to a record year for the automaker, both in terms of the number of recalls and the number of vehicles affected by those notices. The latest GM airbag recall brings the total number of GM vehicles recalled to over 30 million, with over 26 million of those in the U.S. The most serious of those recalls has been the ones related to a faulty ignition switch, which has affected more than 2.6 million vehicles and has been tied to at least 36 deaths.

GM Airbag Recall vs. Takata Airbag Recall

This year has also seen headlines made for airbag recalls. While the GM airbag recall affects just over 2,400 total vehicles, the recall issued by Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata affects over 6 million vehicles worldwide. The company issued the recall after reports surfaced that the chemical used in its airbag deployment system could be highly explosive in humid conditions. Reports of at least five deaths related to the Takata airbag recall showed that drivers sustained fatal injuries when the exploding airbag assembly propelled shards of metal and plastic into the drivers’ upper bodies.

Source: Reuters

Know Your Rights in a GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit

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