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How to Get the Best Results Possible in a Personal Injury Claim: 7 Essential Tips to Set a Case Up for Success

How to Get the Best Results Possible in a Personal Injury Claim

How to Get the Best Results Possible in a Personal Injury Claim

When negligence causes accidents and injuries, victims can be entitled to compensation for their accident-related losses. Taking the right steps in the aftermath of the accident – and being able to prove the extent of these losses – can be essential to assuring that:

  • Personal injury claims are set up for successful resolutions.
  • Victims position their claims for any possible recovery possible.
  • Unnecessary costs and challenges are avoided so cases can be resolved favorably and efficiently.

Revealing more about how to set these cases up for success, the following shares tips on how to protect the strength and value of personal injury cases. While this information is generally helpful to the victims of negligence, please don’t hesitate to contact a Houston personal injury attorney at the Amaro Law Firm for legal advice specific to your circumstances and potential claim.

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7 Steps to Protecting the Strength & Value of a Personal Injury Case

  1. Never admit fault or apologize for the accident – Fault admissions and apologies can be used to argue that you were partly or completely responsible for causing the accident. That can result in reduced recoveries, if not claim denials from insurance companies. Instead, only report the facts of the accident whenever speaking to other parties involved in the accident, witnesses, police and/or insurance companies.
  2. See a doctor ASAP and follow all doctors’ orders – A doctor can evaluate, document and treat your accident-related injuries. This can be critical to a future claim, as it can serve as evidence to prove the extent of the harm you suffered. Similarly, complying with all doctors’ orders and restrictions can be essential to protecting your case. If you fail to follow doctor’s orders and/or do not comply with the prescribed treatment(s), the insurance company can allege that your injuries were not that severe (because you didn’t follow through with treatments) and/or that you contributed to your suffering (by going against doctors’ orders).
  3. Save all documents and evidence you have related to the accident and your accident-related injuries – This can include anything from accident-scene pictures and police reports to damage estimates, doctors’ bills and treatment plans and correspondence from the insurance company. This evidence may play a critical role in establishing liability, the extent of your accident-related losses and/or damages to which you are entitled. It can also be crucial if your claim is mishandled by the insurance company at any point down the line.
  4. Do not expect the insurance company to be on your side – This holds true whether you are dealing with your own insurance provider or the insurer for another party involved in the accident. The reality is that, after an accident occurs and a claim is filed, insurers will be looking out for their own interests and, namely, the company’s bottom line. This commonly means that insurers will look for ways to avoid paying claims (if not denying them altogether). So, do not rely on insurers to look out for you, explain or honor your rights or be forthright about paying you the full compensation you deserve for your claim.
  5. Be careful about what you post on social media – Social media posts, like pictures or updates on your activities, can be subpoenaed and used as evidence by insurers to argue that you failed to comply with doctor’s orders or that you are faking or dramatizing your injuries. That can in turn, lead to reduced recoveries or claim denials.
  6. Be prepared for the possibility of trial – While the vast majority of personal injuries cases are resolved via out-of-court settlements, there are cases that are best served by going to trial. When, for instance, an insurance company denies liability or fails to offer a fair, reasonable settlement, taking the case to trial can be the best way to help victims seek the full recoveries they deserve. So, be aware that trial may be required for your case.
  7. Retain an experienced attorney – A lawyer can be your best resource, ally and advocate when it’s time to build, present and resolve a personal injury case. While an attorney can help you identify all liability parties and compile the necessary evidence, (s)he can also help you take the right steps at every juncture to protect the strength and value of your claim.

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