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Geico Insurance Claims in Texas

Texas Geico Insurance Claims

Every hour, at least 63 auto crashes occur on Texas’s roads. Whenever you or a loved one is a party to one of these wrecks, you may have a Geico crash claim if you or another involved motorist is covered by Geico Insurance.

To help you navigate the claims process and safeguard your rights along the way, this Geico insurance claims guide offers:

  1. Step-by-step instructions that walk you through the beginning phases of filing a claim.
  2. General tips on what to expect as you initiate a claim and interact with Geico claims representatives.
  3. Insider advice on how to avoid common mistakes while keeping a Geico crash claim on track for a successful outcome.

How to File a Geico Insurance Claim in Texas: 5 Steps

Getting a Geico car accident claim started in Texas involves a handful of steps. Here’s what those steps are, along with some pro tips on what to do at each stage to protect your rights and claim.

1. Gather a few key facts about the collision.

To file the claim, you need to share the following information with Geico:

  • Where the accident occurred (the address, as precise as possible)
  • When the wreck took place (the date and time)
  • A basic or general description of the events that happened

Pro Tip: Think about, talk out, or write down the facts of the accident before you dive into a claim. You only want to report facts that you are completely sure about, and you could remember additional facts as you consider the events more carefully.

2. Call, go online, or use the app to initiate the claim

To report the accident or file a claim, you can:

  1. Call 1-800-841-3000.
  2. Visit this page on Geico’s website to file a claim online.
  3. Use Geico’s mobile app, which you can download here.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait too long to report a wreck if you’re covered by Geico. There could be very strict terms in your policy regarding how soon you have to report a wreck. And if you’re preparing to sue someone else who’s covered by Geico — or if you’ve been wrongly blamed for a crash — skip directly to step 5 below.

3. Complete the vehicle damage inspection.

Schedule a time for a Geico adjuster to come out and inspect the vehicle damage. Keep in mind that:

  • The adjuster may not interpret the damage correctly.
  • Vehicle damage inspections can be just one aspect of the investigation for a crash claim.

Pro Tip: Get a second option on the vehicle damage, as well as other findings of Geico’s crash investigation.

4. Continue medical care as Geico completes its investigation.

There’s no telling how long a claims investigation may take, but you can expect investigations for more complex claims to take longer. Regardless, make sure you continue getting the medical treatments you need, and don’t expect Geico to complete a totally thorough, unbiased, or fact-driven investigation.

Insurance companies are known to leverage whatever they can to justify non-payment of claims (and to keep as much of their profits as possible). When you’re dealing with a Geico insurance claim, you shouldn’t expect it to be any different.

Pro Tip: Follow doctors’ orders, attend every appointment, and comply with any work restrictions. Even if a Geico claims representative isn’t recognizing your injuries, your follow-through and injuries can be documented in your medical records.

Also, an attorney can help you prove the trauma and losses suffered while completing a separate investigation, independent of Geico. That can be essential to helping you understand the true value of a claim.

5. Talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in Texas before it’s too late.

Whether you’re planning to file — or already involved in — a Geico car crash claim and someone else is to blame, an attorney can help you:

  • Protect your rights
  • Push back against wrong liability determinations
  • Challenge unfair settlement offers
  • Seek full, fair compensation for your injuries and losses

Pro Tip: To find the best representation for you and your potential claim, don’t just search for a ‘Texas car accident attorney near me.’ Look for a law firm and lawyer specializing in cases just like yours.

Filing a Geico Car Accident Claim in Texas?

You don’t have to pay any upfront fees, nor are you obligated to retain an attorney, by reaching out to learn more about your rights and a possible claim. Geico tends to act quickly when it comes to processing claims, hoping to issue denials or checks before victims realize they have other options.

Get the facts and important help while there may still be time by speaking with an auto accident lawyer in Texas today.