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Garland Truck Accident Lawyer

An Experienced 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Can Help Victims Recover When It Matters Most

Garland, Texas, is no stranger to traffic and truck accidents. When these wrecks happen, the sooner victims speak to a Garland truck accident lawyer, the better. The reason is that an 18-wheeler accident attorney can provide victims with helpful answers to important questions, like the ones below. This type of information can highlight the best path forward and how to strengthen a potential truck accident claim. It can also reveal what a Garland truck accident lawyer can do to craft successful cases and help victims obtain fair compensation.

Do I Have a Truck Accident Claim?

Maybe. The truth is that many factors can affect whether you have a claim and the best way to get a “yes” or “no” answer here is to talk to a Garland truck accident lawyer.

Without doing that, you can still get a basic gauge of whether you may have an 18-wheeler accident claim by seeing how the facts of your crash match up to the facts below:

  • Victims have two years from the date of the tractor-trailer accident to file a claim: This two-year time limit can also start on the date crash injuries are diagnosed or the date on which they cause death. If a truck accident claim is not filed within the two-year statute of limitations set by Texas law, that claim will likely have expired, which would mean fewer or no options for seeking compensation.
  • Victims may be eligible for compensation as long as they are not primarily at fault for the accident: Texas law bars those who are at least 51% at fault for 18-wheeler accidents from seeking financial recoveries for their damages (Please note that this does not apply to injured truckers and workers’ compensation claims). This makes liability determinations and fault percentages critical when the injured may share fault for causing wrecks.

Beyond the statute of limitations and negligence, the evidence matters. In other words, there needs to be evidence of liability and damages to support a claim. Often, some key evidence can be found or uncovered in police reports. You can find out more about how to get a police report for a Garland truck accident here.

Additionally, what you do after a wreck can impact a claim. For instance, things like admitting fault (even accidentally) or apologizing for a crash can create new challenges for claims.

A Garland truck accident lawyer can weigh all of the relevant factors to explain whether you have a tractor-trailer accident claim and, if so, how to proceed.

Should I Accept a Settlement for My Truck Accident Case?

Does the offer match or come close to what you may deserve? Is it the first offer you have received? Or is it the last offer you may get before going to court is necessary?

These are just some issues that need to be considered when a settlement offer is on the table and you need to make a choice. Again, a Garland truck accident lawyer can share case-specific answers here, after evaluating the offer and your claim. In absence of that, here are some important things to understand about truck accident settlements, offers from insurance companies, and taking cases to court:

  • Insurance companies are usually trying to pay as little as possible: Payouts take away from their profits. So, insurance companies may do things like misinterpret the evidence, minimize the injuries, or wrongly blame victims in an effort to undercut offers.
  • First offers are often starting points for negotiations: Identifying where first offers have fallen short (and how much they may be off by) may help move talks forward, towards fairer offers.
  • Both sides can have good reasons to settle out of court: Going to court can mean more risks, as the dispute is left up to jurors. If the negligence involved is especially awful, defendants may also be taking on the risk of punitive damages (in addition to the risks of losing). That can be too much of a gamble for liable parties, and it may give them more incentive to make fair settlement offers.
  • Sometimes, rejecting an offer and going to court is better: There is no reason for 18-wheeler wreck victims to accept offers that are inadequate and unfair. Whenever there is no way of achieving a fair out-of-court settlement, it may be better to take a truck accident case to court.

Do I Really Need a Garland Truck Accident Lawyer?

Yes, it is in your best interests to retain a Garland truck accident lawyer if:

  • Your tractor-trailer accident caused injuries and/or property damage beyond what would occur in a minor fender bender.
  • You are serious about bringing the strongest possible claim.
  • You want experienced counsel and guidance as you proceed with a case.
  • You want optimal chances of achieving a successful resolution and fair compensation.

A 5-Star Garland Truck Accident Lawyer Is Waiting to Help You Now

The sooner you contact a Garland truck accident lawyer, the sooner you can find out how to protect your rights and potential claim. 

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