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GALVESTON BAY OIL SPILL – On March 22, 2014, nearly 170,000 gallons of oil reportedly poured into Galveston Bay after a barge collided with another ship.  According to reports, the barge was carrying nearly one million gallons of oil, which leaked into the water after the collision occurred.  Sources say crews have been working to contain the spill, have shut down a waterway, but that traces of oil have still been found as far as 12 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reportedly, small, black, tar-like globs, as well as an oily substance, were found along the Texas City shoreline.  Various businesses in the affected area have had to close due to oil contaminating the water.  The state-operated ferry service between Galveston and Port Bolivar was suspended due to the spill, affecting thousands of tourists.

Kirby Inland Marine Corporation, the owner of the barge that collided with a ship to cause the spill, has said they will pay for any cleanup costs.  Environmental groups say the time and place of the spill was particularly unfortunate, affecting many birds in the area. Reportedly, at least fifty birds of six species have needed treatment due to the oil spill.  The groups hope that the majority of the oil washes up as tar balls, otherwise it may damage the natural habitat of many more birds.

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