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Front-End Car Accidents in The Woodlands

A front-end car accident, also referred to as a head-on collision, occurs when the front bumper of a moving vehicle collides with that of another car. In some instances, a motorist may strike a structure or building with their car’s front bumper. Head-on collisions have the potential to cause severe injury or death.

If you are suffering from physical injury or psychological damage due to a head-on collision, a dedicated auto wreck attorney could help you to recover damages. A lawyer who has experience with front-end car accidents in The Woodlands could vigorously pursue your claim. Call now to learn how our team could help you achieve a fair outcome in your case.

Differences Between Head-On Collisions and Rear-End Accidents

There are many differences between front-end accidents and rear-end collisions, but most notable is the point of impact. A rear-end crash occurs when a motorist hits the back bumper of another car with the front of their vehicle. Head-on crashes often involve two vehicles colliding at the front of their vehicles.

In rear-end accidents, the colliding vehicle and subsequent force come from behind, so the driver and passengers typically do not have time to brace for impact and are propelled or jolted forward. The impact may even force a car into a busy intersection.

The impact from a front-end collision pushes the occupants of the vehicle back, only to force them forward again. Those involved in front-impact crashes often hit their head on the dashboard or steering wheel. These types of auto wrecks also differ in the types of injuries they cause. The occupants of a vehicle in a front-end collision may suffer head trauma. Conversely, rear-end accidents often lead to neck and back injuries and are less likely to be fatal. Reach out to a local front-end car accident lawyer for more information about the distinctions between these types of auto wrecks.

Common Injuries Resulting from Front-End Car Accidents in The Woodlands

Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. Damage to the head and brain are among the most common consequences of front-impact collisions. These injuries may include concussions, vertigo, or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Other common injuries sustained in a front-end crash may include:

These injuries can lead to permanent disfigurement or disability. Fortunately, a skilled car accident lawyer could effectively seek compensation for medical costs incurred due to front-end collision injuries.

Contact an Attorney Following a Front-End Car Accident in The Woodlands

If you are struggling with the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of a head-on collision, you may require legal assistance. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to seek damages following your front-end car accident in The Woodlands.

Additionally, a qualified legal advocate could assist you in finding peace of mind at a time that may otherwise feel chaotic and overwhelming. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.