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Former WWE Wrestlers File Worker Injury Lawsuits

While many viewers may consider the world of professional wrestling as “fake,” the allegations in a series of worker injury lawsuits against WWE are all too real. In January, two former WWE performers filed a potential class action worker injury lawsuit against the company. In early April, three more former members of WWE’s roster followed with their own suit. The suits allege that the company ignored the performers’ injuries and threatened to fire them if they failed to perform while injured.

Worker Injury Lawsuits Allege Brain Damage

Former wrestlers Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton brought the worker injury lawsuit against WWE in January. The worker injury lawsuit alleges that the dangerous stunts that they and other wrestlers perform in the ring can lead to serious brain injuries. Mr. LoGrasso, 50, claimed that his time in the WWE led to his bouts with migraine headaches, hearing loss, memory loss and severe depression. Mr. Singleton, 22, claimed that injuries early in his career left him with brain trauma and permanent disability.

More Wrestlers Join WWE Worker Injury Lawsuit

Earlier this week, three other former wrestlers filed their own worker injury lawsuit. Performers Russ McCullough, Ryan Sakoda and Matt Wiese filed a worker injury lawsuit alleging that WWE wrestlers underwent “egregious mistreatment” and “extreme physical brutality” while “under the guise of providing ‘entertainment’.” The suit also alleges that the company pushes injured wrestlers into performing while in pain by “threatening to strip them of their position” in the company.

Dangerous Stunts Listed in WWE Worker Injury Lawsuit

The worker injury lawsuit goes on to reveal a number of stunts that the former wrestlers allege can cause serious brain injuries. The list includes various stunts performed with props, such as utility tables, steel folding chairs and fifteen-foot painting ladders, which the wrestlers use to strike each other. The worker injury lawsuit also lists some wrestling “moves”, such as the Brain Buster, Bulldog Headlock and the Jawbreaker, each of which is designed to inflict blows to the head.

WWE Worker Injury Lawsuit Resembles NFL Cases

The attorney for Mr. LoGrasso and Mr. Singleton remarked on how the injuries described in the WWE worker injury lawsuit resemble those detailed by former National Football League players. In both cases, former athletes describe the repeated blows to the head, as well as the policy of upper management to encourage them to continue to perform, in spite of concussions or other brain injuries. While the NFL has moved toward redesigning its helmets and changing its rules to protect its players, the WWE worker injury lawsuit alleges that the company has yet to take comprehensive measures to prevent such injuries.

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Know Your Rights in a Worker Injury Lawsuit

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