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Fleet Management Software:  What It Does & Does Not Track

What Fleet Management Software Tracks

What Fleet Management Software Tracks

Fleet management software (FMS) is a computer program that records and reports specific details about commercial trucks and their operators. Intended to improve productivity and efficiency, FMS tracks information about the condition, location and operation of trucks managed by a trucking company.

When trucks with FMS are involved in wrecks, this software can reveal the cause(s) or contributing factors to the crash. Consequently, FMS can be helpful to determining liability for commercial truck accidents.

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What Fleet Management Software Can Track

Fleet management software can have various capabilities, depending on the software provider and the needs of a carrier. Generally, FMS tracks, reports and exports specific information related to:

  • The truck’s equipment & maintenance – FMS can monitor and report on the status of the vehicle and its equipment. This data can include details about vehicle/equipment service needs, preventative maintenance, vehicle inspections, and unexpected maintenance performed on a vehicle. FMS can also keep vehicle maintenance records.
  • The truck’s activities – FMS can track a truck’s exact location and route. It can also report on how the truck is being operated by the driver. Factors like speeding, sudden braking, harsh acceleration, and cornering can be recorded and can reveal when a truck is (or isn’t) being safely operated.
  • The truck driver – FMS can identify the driver of a specific truck and distinguish between driver-related and truck-related data. This can be useful when truckers may operate different vehicles on different days or routes. For example, this feature can allow for a comparison between truckers’ driving habits.

Additionally, FMS commonly comes with real-time alerts, apps, and daily email status updates. This allows trucking companies to monitor their fleet and their drivers at any and every point en route.

Limitations of Fleet Management Software: What It Can’t Track

Though powerful, fleet management software does have limitations. For instance, FMS can malfunction in remote areas, in tunnels, or underground when GPS signals are lost or interrupted.

The limitations of this software can also extend to the nature of the data tracked. FMS cannot directly monitor factors like driver impairment, driver distraction, and driver fatigue. Data like details about sudden braking can indirectly reveal when distraction, impairment, or fatigue may be a factor.

It’s also important to note that FMS may fail to function properly when it’s not installed professionally or when it’s not updated or maintained.

After a Truck Accident: The Role of Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software clearly maintains a lot of data about the condition and activities of a truck and the operator of that truck. When a truck wreck happens, reviewing this data can reveal whether factors like (but not limited to) the following may have caused the crash:

  • Failure to maintain truck equipment
  • Dangerous driver behaviors, such as speeding
  • Other driver-related factors, like intoxication, fatigue, or distraction.

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