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First Deadly Scooter Accident in Austin Claims the Life of an Irish Foreign Exchange Student

First Deadly Scooter Accident in Austin Claims the Life of a Foreign Exchange Student
First Deadly Scooter Accident in Austin Claims the Life of a Foreign Exchange Student

Just before 1 a.m. on Friday, February 1st, a 21-year-old Irish exchange student at the University of Texas at Austin was killed in the city’s first recorded fatal scooter accident. According to investigators, the student was riding a Lime scooter, going northbound in the southbound lane on North Interstate 35 (I-35). He was reportedly hit by an Uber driver in a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta.

The Uber driver, who was transporting a passenger at the time, had been traveling southbound in the right lane, changing lanes to proceed to the southbound I-35 when the accident occurred.

The driver remained at the scene, cooperating with police, and the student was transported to Dell Seton Medical Center for emergency medical treatment. He ultimately succumbed to his critical injuries on Saturday, February 2nd at about 2:30 p.m.

Toxicology reports are still pending analysis, and the investigation is ongoing, so few other details about this deadly crash have been revealed.

Investigation May Reveal Scooter Problems

The tragic reality is that Austin is now among a handful of areas, including Dallas and Washington D.C., that hold the distinction of having a fatal scooter accident happen on their roadways.

Sadly, these accidents may not be going anyway anytime soon. That’s because these scooters are proliferating in cities across Texas and the nation. In Austin alone, there are more than 14,000 electric scooters available.

As investigators search for answers that are eagerly awaited by a grieving community, one of the key issues that may arise is whether the scooter malfunctioned. In fact, electric scooters have been linked to some inherently dangers, making them particularly risky even before they encounter larger vehicles on the roads. That’s because electric scooters have been reported to:

  • Experience all types of part failures, including brake and motor failures, sticky accelerators, combusting batteries, and malfunctioning throttles
  • Be poorly designed in some cases, with some electric scooters having short wheelbases and small wheels, making them difficult to control with even slightly unfavorable roadway conditions
  • Not always be properly maintained, which can increase the risk of mechanical failures and malfunctions.

While it remains to be seen whether a scooter defect may be found in this case, what is clear is that many are now:

  • Raising important questions about the dangers and risks associated with electric scooters – and what can be done to prevent future accidents and save lives
  • Demanding that electric scooter companies like Lime make changes to improve the safety of their scooters, as well as the warnings people receive before riding them.

The Amaro Law Firm Extends the Deepest Condolences to Those Grieving This Tragic Loss.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any information about this wreck – or if you have been harmed in a scooter accident, an Uber crash, or any type of accident and need helpful advice regarding your legal options.

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