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Fatal Workplace Accident At KY Aluminum Plant

A young worker at a Kentucky aluminum plant lost his life in a fatal workplace accident earlier this week. The accident occurred at the Cardinal Aluminum plant in Okolona, a suburb of Louisville. A 26-year-old worker reached for a piece of equipment when he suffered severe blunt force trauma. Local police and federal worker safety agencies are investigating the fatal workplace accident and have not yet released details to the media.

Police Respond to Fatal Workplace Accident

Local news reports stated officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department responded to a call at the Cardinal plant at around 8am Monday morning. Police officers interviewed about the fatal workplace accident said that the young man died at the scene. Preliminary investigations showed that the victim was working on a pain line at the time of the fatal workplace accident. Detectives with the department’s Homicide Unit are also investigating the incident.

OSHA Investigating Fatal Workplace Accident

Investigators with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration are also probing the fatal workplace accident. Agency representatives told local news outlets that they are interviewing eyewitnesses to the fatal workplace accident and examining the area where the incident occurred. The investigation will also include viewing video recordings from the work floor’s surveillance cameras and analyzing the plant’s safety training procedures. The results of the investigation will determine if the company will face severe fines or other punishments from the federal agency.

Fatal Workplace Accident Site Had Previous Safety Violations

A records request from a local TV station revealed that the Cardinal Aluminum plant had been notified of several OSHA safety violations prior to the fatal workplace accident. In December 2012, the agency had notified the company of seven violations of federal worker safety violations at one of its plants. The agency categorizes a “serious” violation as one that could result in serious injury or death to its workers. These violations included inadequate training, failing to provide safety equipment, and failing to inspect dangerous equipment. OSHA also informed the company of a serious violation at another of its plants. The violation eventually led to a serious injury to another employee.

Former Worker: Fatal Workplace Accident Site “Not A Safe Place”

Workers at the plant also told of their experiences in light of the fatal workplace accident. An estimated 15 to 20 workers witnessed the fatal workplace accident and were released from work for the day. However, other employees at the site who did not see the accident were told to stay. Former plant worker Uziel Aguilar told local reporters that he and his mother had both worked at the plant. Mr. Aguilar resigned a year ago, citing his mother’s accident which left her unable to work. He told local media outlets that the plant is “not a safe place to work” and blames the company’s “negligence” for his mother’s injuries.

Source: WHAS-TV

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