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Fatal Texas Truck Wreck Leaves Two Dead

Two women were killed Monday evening in a Texas truck wreck near Fort Worth. The accident involved three vehicles, including a tractor trailer that impacted into a passenger van and a Honda Odyssey SUV that was struck by flying debris. A statement from a Department of Public Safety trooper on the scene mentioned that the truck driver apparently failed to keep his big rig under the 60 mile per hour speed limit posted on the road.

Details of the Texas Truck Wreck

The Texas truck wreck happened at around 7:30 p.m. Monday when a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country van stopped to turn into a parking lot just off Farm-to-Market Road 917. The 18 wheeler struck the van from behind and killed the two back-seat passengers, 71-year-old Imelda Medinademacias and 44-year-old Silvia Macias. The driver, 20-year-old Crystal Medina, was rushed to a local hospital. At last report, she sustained serious injuries but was listed in stable condition.

Second Texas Truck Wreck From Same Trucking Company

The same trucking company that employed the driver in this recent Texas truck wreck also saw another fatal accident. In April 2013, a teenage boy was killed in an 18 wheeler collision. Deston Bibbs, a 14-year-old student at H.F. Stevens Middle School, died when a driver for the 3-Star Daylighting trucking company struck him as he was riding his bicycle. The boy was rushed to the hospital after suffering several broken bones and severe head trauma, but died the next day from his injuries.

Trucking Company Investigated in Texas Truck Wreck

Local police investigated the previous Texas truck wreck to determine if the driver intentionally left the scene of the accident without reporting the boy’s injuries. A month after the accident, a police detective interviewed the driver involved in the accident and examined the truck for evidence. The detective saw that the truck tire’s tread marks matched those on the boy’s body. However, the investigation concluded that the driver “did not intentionally or knowingly leave the scene of the accident that resulted in” the boy’s death.

Source: Crowley Star

Know Your Rights in a Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuit

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