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Dallas DUI Lawsuit Filed Against Local Bar

The parents of a young man killed in a collision with an 18 wheeler have filed a Dallas DUI lawsuit against the bar which reportedly served him and his friend more than 40 drinks in less than four hours. Robert and Cheryl Crosby, the parents of the late Benjamin Crosby, filed the Dallas DUI lawsuit against the Katy Trail Ice House for overserving their son and allowing him to leave the parking lot in an “obviously intoxicated” condition. The suit also names the younger Crosby’s friend, Joe Grams, for allowing the young man to take his car keys and drive off.

Details of the Dallas DUI Lawsuit Accident

The Dallas DUI lawsuit stems from a visit Crosby and Grams made to the Katy Tail Ice House, a small bar in suburban Plano. At closing time, Grams gave Crosby his car keys, despite the fact that both men were severely intoxicated. As Grams was inside the bar to pay his tab, Crosby sped out of the parking lot, ran a red light and struck an 18 wheeler near North Dallas Tollroad and Highway 380. The big rig crushed Grams’s car and Crosby’s body. Emergency response personnel declared Crosby dead at the scene.

Patron Overserving Led to Dallas DUI Lawsuit

According to court papers related to the Dallas DUI lawsuit, the pair had been served the equivalent of 43 alcoholic beverages in just under four hours, include four double vodkas and six double beers. A post-mortem examination of Crosby’s body showed that he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.27, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08. The Dallas DUI lawsuit alleges that neither Grams nor the bar took any steps to either cut off Crosby’s alcohol intake, nor did they prevent him from getting behind the wheel.

Dallas DUI Lawsuit Seeks $1M In Damages

The elder Crosbys are seeking $1 million in damages in their Dallas DUI lawsuit. The Dallas DUI lawsuit alleges that “the crash and death of Benjamin Crosby were the proximate and foreseeable results of the callous conduct of (Katy Trail Ice House) and the ill-fated decisions of the equally-intoxicated Grams.” The bar could also face penalties under Section 2.02 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, which states that an establishment that serves alcohol can be held liable when it continues to serve a patron who is “obviously intoxicated to the extent that he presented a clear danger to himself and others.

Source: Dallas Observer

Know Your Rights in a Dallas DUI Lawsuit

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