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Crash Between School Bus and Truck Reported in DeSoto

A crash involving a school bus occurred on Monday, September 13th, 2021 in DeSoto, Texas. The DeSoto Police Department was one of the first responders present at the scene. The crash occurred between West Beltline Road and Cockrell Hill Road at an unspecified time.

The crash involved two vehicles, the school bus and a Ford F-150 truck. The school bus crashed into the Ford when it was about to make a turn towards Cockrell Hill Road. Though it is unclear how the two vehicles ended up crashing into one another, the Ford was left with severe damage nonetheless. The impact of the crash caused major damage to Ford’s front side.

The severity of the damage on the school bus was not disclosed by authorities, but it is known that two of the occupants inside had minor leg injuries. At the time of the crash, the school bus was transporting six students between the ages of 8 and 13. The Ford only had the driver inside, though it is unknown whether they sustained any injuries. Authorities are still trying to determine the situation that led up to the crash.

If You Were Involved with a Crash Involving a School Bus, Who Is Held Responsible for Any Injuries You Sustain?

School-bus-related crashes are not as rare of an occurrence as you may think. Around 120 people die each year from crashes with school transportation between 2010 to 2019 according to the NHTSA. And, unsurprisingly, nearly 70 to 90 of these people are the ones who are sitting on the crashed passenger vehicle.

If you were recently involved in a crash with a school bus, you may be wondering, who can be held responsible for the incident? You can choose to file a claim against the driver, or the company operating the school bus. It is also possible to file a claim against the school district if that is a viable legal action for your crash circumstances. We can provide you with a free consultation on your case, available 24/7. Call us today at (713) 352-7975 to get in touch with our experienced car accident lawyers.

Source: Dallas Morning News