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Corpus Christi Prepares for More 18 Wheeler Wrecks

CORPUS CHRISTI 18 WHEELER WRECK PLANS – Corpus Christi is preparing for more 18 wheeler wrecks.  When an oil and gas company moves to a city, the amount of large trucks to transport and service their products will naturally increase.  “Well with the oil business really ramping up, it involves a lot larger vehicles and yes, with that there’s more of a chance for this happening,” said Battalion Chief Kenneth Erben.  18 wheeler accidents are happening more often in the area, so the Corpus Christi Fire Department is getting their firefighters ready for those situations so they can get everyone out safely.  “They’re not planned so they’re gonna happen differently every time and that’s why we have multiple scenarios here today,” said Erben.

At the training location, there were three different areas set up with multiple scenarios for rescue crews.  This training allowed them to refresh their memory on how to deal with the weight of a heavy truck so it doesn’t fall and crush someone before they can get the person out.  “We work for the citizens of Corpus Christi and we want to be good stewards of that and be prepared and make sure they know that if something happens, we are as prepared as possible,” said Erben.

Those 18 wheeler wrecks are also dangerous for the firefighters.   They also took the time to go over safety tips for firefighters when they are working on a busy highway with cars passing by.  The Fire Chief says this training will help firefighters be ready for any 18 wheeler wreck.

In the past two weeks there have been two 18 wheeler wrecks on interstate 37.  The Corpus Christi fire department wants to remind people to pay attention when an 18-wheeler is near.  The full story is available here.


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