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Corpus Christi Accidents Tangle Traffic, Cause Injuries

A series of accidents in Corpus Christi this past weekend has led to traffic snarls, hit-and-run injuries and potential criminal charges. The Corpus Christi accidents ranged from cement trucks spilling diesel fuel to an overturned gravel truck dumping its load all over a major bridge. The most serious incident involved a hit-and-run accident on Sunday evening which involved a black pickup truck and has police on the lookout for the driver.

Hit-and-Run Corpus Christi Accident Draws Police Attention

A hit-and-run Corpus Christi accident led to a 56-year-old woman’s trip to a local hospital. The incident occurred Sunday night just after 7 pm near the intersection of Harmon and Mary Streets. Witnesses told police that a black Chevrolet pickup truck ran through a four-way stop sign, then backed up and hit the woman as she crossed the street. Reports also state that the driver put the car back in forward gear, hit the woman again and dragged her under the vehicle.

Distinctive Truck Involved in Corpus Christi Accident

Witnesses described the pickup truck involved in the hit-and-run Corpus Christi accident as having chrome on the wheel wells, step sides and chrome flaring on the fenders. The truck also had large nerf bars, a toolbox in the bed and was set low to the road. The driver was described as a white male in his 30s with a straw cowboy hat. Police are asking for tips from anyone acquainted with either the vehicle or the driver.

Source: KIII-TV

Cement Truck Involved In Corpus Christi Accident

A fully-loaded cement truck suffered a blowout in a Corpus Christi accident just after the Monday morning rush hour. The truck, which weighed over 30 tons, lost a tire and rolled over while attempting to turn around at Nile and South Padre Island Drive. The blowout and rollover also caused the truck to spill much of its diesel fuel. Cleanup crews were assigned to mop up the fuel while police secured the scene and contacted a towing service to remove the truck. Authorities reported no injuries from the accident.

Source: KIII-TV

Gravel Truck Rollover Leads to Corpus Christi Accident

A gravel truck driver’s attempts to navigate around a stalled vehicle on the Harbor Bridge led to a Corpus Christi accident early Tuesday morning. Police reports show that the driver of the gravel truck tried to avoid a car that ran out of gas on the bridge, only to lose control and roll over his truck. The truck spilled its load of gravel on the road, which blocked traffic for about two hours. Neither the truck driver nor the driver of the stalled vehicle reported any injuries.

Source: KIII-TV

Know Your Rights in a Corpus Christi Accident

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