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Clear Lake City Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Rear-end accidents are common occurrences that can result in varying degrees of property damage and physical injury. If you were injured in a back-end collision, speaking with a Clear Lake City rear-end car accident lawyer could help you determine your legal options regarding potential claims for damages you may have.

If you have a valid case, an experienced auto wreck attorney could work to establish the other driver’s negligence and help you navigate your claim. Call us today to learn more about how our firm could help you take legal action.

Common Injuries Resulting from Rear-End Car Accidents

The severity of the injuries sustained in a rear-end car crashes often depends on the types of vehicles involved and the speed at which the impact occurs. Common injuries resulting from a rear-end accident may include:

Anyone suffering from these types of injuries following a tailgating incident may have a legal right to pursue compensation for their damages. A skilled local attorney could work with an injured party to file a rear-end accident claim.

Filing a Claim with an Insurance Company in Clear Lake City

The injured person in a rear-end collision may file a claim with the liable party’s insurance company. This may be a good option if the accident caused only minor damages and injuries.

Typically, the insurance claims process moves more quickly than a personal injury lawsuit, meaning claimants may receive compensation faster. However, if the insurance company’s settlement offer is too low, it may be wise to file a lawsuit. A lawyer who focuses on rear-end accidents could help injured parties negotiate a settlement offer or file a case in court.

Litigating a Case After a Tailgating Incident

If a rear-end collision is severe, the injured person may need more compensation to account for catastrophic injuries or required vehicle repairs. The other driver’s insurance policy may not cover all of the injured party’s needs. In situations such as these, filing a case in civil court may be a better course of action.

Pursuing a rear-end accident case allows the court to hear each party’s arguments and decide how much compensation the injured person should receive. This process may lead to a much higher damages award than an insurance company could provide. A seasoned lawyer in the area could help assess any injuries sustained in a rear-end collision and advise claimants on the benefits of filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, given the circumstances.

How a Clear Lake City Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were rear-ended, you may wish to hold the other driver liable for their actions. A Clear Lake City rear-end car accident lawyer could help you obtain compensation for your losses through an insurance settlement or a civil suit.

Consider calling our office today to schedule a free consultation. During your initial meeting, an attorney could review the facts of your case and inform you of your legal options. Hiring a lawyer could improve your chances of succeeding in your case.