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Clear Lake City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It has happened to many motorcyclists: another driver cut you off, acted aggressively toward you, or was reckless or careless in some way. Usually, these types of incidents do not result in any lasting harm—but when they do cause accidents, the results can be devastating.

Anyone hurt in a motorbike wreck that someone else caused should consider talking to a personal injury attorney about their legal options. With help from a knowledgeable Clear Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer, you may be able to recover not only for medical expenses and bike repair costs but also various other economic and noneconomic losses.

Assigning Liability in a Motorcycle Wreck Case

There are many ways in which a driver can be legally negligent on the road, from overtly illegal actions like speeding or tailgating to simple careless like distracted driving. Even a failure to account for poor road conditions can be grounds for a motorcycle accident case if it causes a crash that results in compensable damages to a motorcyclist.

However, it is important for motorcyclists to understand that the same traffic laws—as well as the same duties of reasonable care—apply to them, as do several other regulations that specific address motorbike riding. For instance, motorcyclists are not allowed to “split” lanes by driving in between cars, and all riders under the age of 21 must wear helmets.

Although the law does not require motorcyclists over 21 to wear helmets, a failure to wear protection could be one of many things a defendant in a motorcycle crash case might point to as evidence of comparative fault. Without help from a Clear Lake City attorney, an injured claimant in a motorcycle accident case may find themselves declared partially liable for their own injuries, leading to a reduction in their recoverable compensation or an inability to recover entirely.

Filing Suit for a Motorcycle Accident in Clear Lake City

All injured claimants should know that Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 sets a statutory deadline of two years on most civil injury cases. This means if an injured person waits longer than two years to file their case in court, they may be unable to recover any compensation at all. A Clear Lake City lawyer could help someone file a motorcycle crash claim before the legal deadline.

Recoverable Damages in Clear Lake City

A plaintiff in Clear Lake City may be able to recover for many different damages following their motorcycle accident with the help of a seasoned attorney. In addition to quantifiable economic damages like medical bills, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity, certain cases also may warrant recovery for non-economic losses. These damages may include physical pain, emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and the effects of permanent disability or disfigurement stemming from the crash.

Talk to a Clear Lake City Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

Regardless of how your wreck occurred, the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident can be both stressful and crucial to your future. If you fail to recover compensation for all the damages your accident caused you to suffer, you may be paying for someone else’s negligence for months or even years to come.

Do not delay in defending your rights and protecting your best interests. Contact a Clear Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your legal options and start pursuing the compensation you need.