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Clear Lake City Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

While many injuries can have harmful physical and financial effects, only a rare few are severe enough that they can be considered catastrophic. In these kinds of situations, effectively pursuing civil recovery for both short and long-term losses from the party responsible can be a virtual necessity.

To pursue compensation for all the damages associated with this kind of harm, you may need assistance from a personal injury attorney who has dealt with these kinds of cases before. Our experienced Clear Lake City catastrophic injury lawyers understand the unique aspects of these accidents and could help you recover from them as much as the law allows.

How Catastrophic Injuries Differ from Other Types of Harm

While state law does not specifically define what a “catastrophic injury” is as a legal matter, it is generally understood to be any injury that results in a lengthy or permanent decrease in an individual’s quality of life. These injuries often result in permanent disabilities like paralysis, require intensive inpatient and in-home care, and take a long time to recover from—if recovery is a possibility at all.

Additionally, the effects of these injuries are not always physical. While paralysis or loss of a limb would certainly qualify as catastrophic damages, severe trauma also may result in loss of cognitive function, loss of sensory function, and/or changes in personality. Even severe burns and bone fractures can be considered catastrophic if they result in long-term or permanent scarring and/or loss of function and sensation.

Given the unique severity of these types of injuries, it is often important for those seeking legal action to retain a Clear Lake City attorney familiar with how catastrophic injury cases work. The damages associated with these accidents can be more severe than those connected to typical personal injury cases, so counsel from any legal professional may not be sufficient.

Filing Suit for Comprehensive Compensation in Clear Lake City

One of the most crucial components to filing suit for a catastrophic injury is taking both short-term and long-term damages into consideration. Since catastrophic injuries often have permanent effects, it is important for Clear Lake City lawyers litigating these claims to seek recovery for losses a plaintiff will suffer in the future in addition to those they have already experienced.

For example, someone who is paralyzed may need to make modifications to their home, hire a live-in nurse to maintain mobility, and they may be unable to work in the same field they once did even after they reach maximum medical improvement. A comprehensive claim would take all of these losses into account. Additionally, non-economic damages like loss of opportunity, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life also should be factored into a claim, as these losses may impact the plaintiff for the rest of their life.

However, even though these losses may not manifest fully for several years, claimants still must file suit no later than two years after their injury occurs, as per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003. Seasoned legal counsel could help someone file their case on time and include sufficient estimates of future losses in their court case or settlement demand.

Speak with a Clear Lake City Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

An accident may take only moments to play out, but depending on the circumstances, the effects it has on you and your family could last a lifetime. Accordingly, recovering for a lifetime of damages should be a priority in the aftermath of such an incident—as should securing legal representation that could effectively help you do so.

A knowledgeable Clear Lake City catastrophic injury lawyer could guide you through every aspect of your case and work tirelessly to fight for the compensation you need. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call today.