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Trucking Industry

How Do I Prove Fault for a Truck Accident: 7 Key Pieces of Evidence

Evidence that’s usually essential to proving who’s at fault for a truck wreck includes: The police report Witness statements Dashcam footage Records from  the vehicles’ electronic onboard recorders Truckers’ log books Cellphone records of all drivers Trucking company records Here’s...

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Who’s At Fault for Truck Accidents

When truck accidents happen, at least one of these parties is usually at fault and liable for compensating victims: Drivers Motor carriers Trucking shippers or brokers Vehicle equipment manufacturers Parties responsible for road construction and maintenance When Drivers Are Liable...

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What Should I Do if My Truck is Recalled in Texas?

Commercial trucks are subject to rigorous testing and engineering before they are allowed on the road. The size and weight of 18-wheelers and other large trucks can cause fatal injuries for the driver and other vehicles during an accident, which...

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What a Truck Accident Lawyer Does : 7 Ways a Lawyer Can Help

A truck wreck attorney can be an invaluable ally, advocate, and asset when it’s time to recover from an accident. That’s because an experienced lawyer can help you: Identify the liable parties Conduct additional investigations File the necessary paperwork to...

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