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18 wheeler accident

Teen Truckers Are 6x More Likely to Be in Fatal Wrecks

As the Age of Truckers Decreases, Crash Risks Spike, Data Shows Teen truck drivers are operating more and more 18-wheelers these days, especially with a new federal program piloting interstate hauls for teen truckers. While that program may offset trucker...

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Houston Citywide Plan Could Limit Heavy Truck Routes in 2024

The New Houston Truck Route Could Be in Effect by Summer 2024 Houston’s notoriety for traffic, risky roads, and deadly truck accidents could start to fade in 2024, especially if a Citywide Truck Route Plan is ultimately adopted by local...

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Brain Injury Awareness Month: 6 Types of Head Injuries You Could Suffer in a Truck Crash

Discover the Most Common Types of Head Injuries Caused by 18-Wheeler Wrecks Tractor-trailer accidents and motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of head and brain injuries. Depending on the location and severity of the trauma, victims can end up...

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Brain Injury Awareness Month: 5 Health Complications Caused by Truck Accident TBIs

Complications of Truck Wreck TBIs Can Impact Nearly Every Part of Life. Here’s How. Serious tractor-trailer crashes often result in traumatic brain injury (TBI). When that happens, victims may experience several health complications that can: Arise immediately after the brain...

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