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Trucking Accidents

Head-On Collision & 18-Wheeler Fires Kill 3 in Deadly Fort Bend County Accident

Two 18-Wheelers, a Box Truck & a Passenger Vehicle Were Involved in a Chain-Reaction Crash That Left Few Survivors A truck driver and two people in a passenger vehicle were killed in a horrific truck accident in Beasley, Texas, on...

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How Does Improperly Loaded Cargo Cause Truck Crashes?

Shifting & Unsecured Cargo Presents Real Risks & Big Dangers on the Roads About 10,000 truck accidents a year are caused by moving and unsecured cargo, federal authorities report. That means about 1 in every 14 tractor-trailer wrecks involves a...

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What Should I Do If a Tow Truck Damages My Vehicle in Texas?

Here Are the Important Steps to Take After a Tow Truck Damages Your Car Moving and storing vehicles are central operations of the towing industry. In fact, whether you or someone else arranges to have your vehicle towed, it should...

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Can Truck Drivers Get Fired for Causing Accidents in Texas?

Truckers Can Be Fired After Crashes, But They May Not Be. Here’s Why. Yes, causing a wreck can be grounds for motor carriers to fire truckers or terminate contracts with independent contractors (ICs). In fact, a single 18-wheeler wreck can...

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