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Trucking Accidents

The Dangers of Left-Hand Turn Accidents

Left-hand turn car collisions often cause severe injuries. These accidents occur when one driver is traveling through an intersection and another motorist is turning left. Many motorists think that the driver making the left-hand turn is always at fault, but...

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How Mechanical Failure Affects a Truck Accident Claim

Get the Facts About Liability & Your Legal Options When Equipment Malfunctions Cause Wrecks Vehicle equipment issues contribute to about 1 in every 10 tractor-trailer crashes. That’s occurring despite federal trucking regulations that require routine inspections while prohibiting unsafe and...

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Brain Injury Awareness Month: 6 Types of Head Injuries You Could Suffer in a Truck Crash

Discover the Most Common Types of Head Injuries Caused by 18-Wheeler Wrecks Tractor-trailer accidents and motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of head and brain injuries. Depending on the location and severity of the trauma, victims can end up...

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How Comparative Negligence Can Affect a Truck Accident Claim in Texas

Discover When Texas Law Allows At-Fault Victims to Recover Damages for a Big Rig Crash Fault for 18-wheeler crashes is not always an all-or-nothing matter. In fact, many tractor-trailer wrecks are caused by multiple factors, with two or more parties...

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