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Trucking Accidents

New Law Set to Raise Colorado Wrongful Death Damage Caps by 2025

New CO Damage Caps Will Reform Compensation Limits into the Millions & Add Built-In Adjustments for Inflation Nearly 40 years after their debut, wrongful death damage caps in Colorado will soon increase more than eight times, going from $250,000 to...

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Federal Study on Truck Safety Focuses on Potential Risks & Costs of Trucker ‘Detention Time’

Regulators Want to Know How Waiting at Shipping & Receiving Docks Affects 18-Wheeler Safety A new federal trucking study will soon get underway, focusing on how detection times for truckers affect driving safety, regulatory compliance, and on-time delivery rates. Officially...

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Dallas Jury Awards $105M Verdict, Punitive Damages in Fatal Amazon Truck Accident Lawsuit

Jury Finds Trucker & Employers Negligent, Letting Amazon Off the Hook. Here’s Why. A 2018 Amazon truck accident that killed a father of three was caused by avoidable negligence that should never happen again. That’s one message a Dallas jury...

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Teen Truckers Are 6x More Likely to Be in Fatal Wrecks

As the Age of Truckers Decreases, Crash Risks Spike, Data Shows Teen truck drivers are operating more and more 18-wheelers these days, especially with a new federal program piloting interstate hauls for teen truckers. While that program may offset trucker...

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