Category: Truck Accidents

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  • January
    08 2019

    Truck Driver Workplace Fatalities Skyrocket in 2017

    More than 3 in every 4 motor vehicle operators who were killed on the job in 2017 were commercial truck drivers. This is according to the latest findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which has also reported that, in 2017: 840 truckers suffered fatal occupational injuries The number of on-the-job trucker deaths was […]

  • January
    05 2019

    Horrific Multi-Vehicle Truck Wreck in Gainesville, FL Kills 7, Sparks Homicide Investigation

    At around 3:40 p.m. on Thursday, January 3rd, a multi-vehicle crash on Gainesville, Florida’s I-75 killed five children and two adults while leaving a fiery explosion in its wake. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the accident started when a semi-truck heading northbound suddenly veered into an adjacent lane of traffic at around Mile […]

  • December
    09 2018

    2 Dead & 10 Injured after Head-On Collision between a School Bus & a Semi-Truck in Bloomington, IL

    At about 8:32 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5, a semi-truck and a school bus were involved in a deadly head-on collision just south of Bloomington, IL. According to investigators, the semi-truck driver was going the wrong way on west Interstate 74 (I-74) just before the crash. The school bus, which was transporting 3 adults and […]

  • November
    08 2018

    5 Important Steps to Take after an 18-Wheeler Injury Accident

    As the dust settles after an 18-wheeler wreck, the steps you take can substantially impact both your physical and financial recovery. To help you avoid any missteps that could derail or upset your recovery, below, we have uncovered the 5 most important things to do after an 18-wheeler truck crash. 1. Call 911. This is […]

  • July
    03 2018

    Illegal Truck Stops: The Problems & Accident-Related Risks

    Motor vehicles parked on the shoulder of a road or highway are not an uncommon sight. Flat tires, crashes and other incidents can result in the need for drivers to stop on the side of the road and deal with a situation before they can keep traveling. In some cases, however, these stops can be […]