Category: Truck Accidents

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  • March
    19 2019

    Dealing with Multiple Parties in Motor Vehicle & Truck Wrecks: Who’s Liable?

    Liability for motor vehicle and truck accidents does not always sit solely with a single individual or party. In fact, many traffic wrecks are the result of multiple parties’ negligence. In these cases, victims can have multiple claims to hold each negligent party liable. Revealing more about how these claims work, the following answers some […]

  • March
    14 2019

    Texas Personal Injury Cases & Minors: A Guide for Parents & Legal Guardians

    In Texas, personal injury cases for minors work differently than claims for adults. That’s because Texas law does not grant minors the legal authority to file their claim alone. Revealing more about these claims, this guide explains how personal injury cases for minors work in Texas so parents and guardians know how to seek justice […]

  • March
    07 2019

    How Long After an Accident & Injury Do I Have to File a Claim?

    You have two years after an accident to file a case in Texas against the liable party. In other words, Texas law sets a two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case. This two-year timeframe starts as of the date of: The accident or event that caused the injuries – For some cases, […]

  • February
    26 2019

    How to Find & Evaluate Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews So You Choose the Best Attorney for Your Case

    When negligence has harmed you or someone you love, a personal injury attorney can be the key to successfully resolving your case and getting the full amount of compensation you may deserve. With so many options for legal representation out there, one of the most effective ways to hone in on the best option for […]

  • January
    08 2019

    Truck Driver Workplace Fatalities Skyrocket in 2017

    More than 3 in every 4 motor vehicle operators who were killed on the job in 2017 were commercial truck drivers. This is according to the latest findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which has also reported that, in 2017: 840 truckers suffered fatal occupational injuries The number of on-the-job trucker deaths was […]