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Traumatic Brain Injury

Texas Personal Injury Cases & Minors: A Guide for Parents & Legal Guardians

In Texas, personal injury cases for minors work differently than claims for adults. That’s because Texas law does not grant minors the legal authority to file their claim alone. Revealing more about these claims, this guide explains how personal injury...

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Can a Minor Who Is Injured in an Accident File a Lawsuit?

Minors harmed by others’ negligence may have legal claims, but they do not have the legal authority under Texas law to file that claim alone. Instead, their case will have to be initiated and pursued by someone who does have...

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The Bird Box Car Accident in Utah Exemplifies the Dangers of Driving “Challenges” & Highlights Teen Drivers’ Willingness to Take Risks behind the Wheel

Last week, a 17-year-old driver in Salt Lake City, UT drove into oncoming traffic before hitting a light pole and then a concrete barrier. The driver was blindfolded at the time, with her beanie pulled over her eyes. That’s because...

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As Electric Scooters Multiply in Cities across the U.S., So Do Concerns, Injuries & Lawsuits

Electric scooters are extremely popular in major cities across the U.S., offering cheap, easy ways to zip around. Despite the convenience they may offer, these e-scooters – and the companies that make and rent them – are coming under serious...

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