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Motorcycle Accidents

4 Reasons Why You May Need Witnesses After a Car Accident

Car accident witnesses can be crucial after wrecks. From calling police to sharing details about what they saw, witnesses to auto accidents can fill in the blanks, providing key evidence related to fault, damages, and more. Whether bystanders or others...

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3 Common Injuries After a Traffic Accident

In Texas, thousands of drivers and their passengers sustain injuries in auto accidents every year. Many of these accident victims will make a full recovery from their injuries, however, some are left with life-changing injuries that require months or even...

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The Dangers of Left-Hand Turn Accidents

Left-hand turn car collisions often cause severe injuries. These accidents occur when one driver is traveling through an intersection and another motorist is turning left. Many motorists think that the driver making the left-hand turn is always at fault, but...

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The Amaro Law Firm Can Help With Your Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen every day in the U.S. Damages from collisions involving motorcycles can be several times greater than with automobiles alone. When motorcycles collide with automobile drivers the rider of the motorcycle is often critically injured and may incur...

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