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Dallas Restaurants Sue Insurers Over Denied COVID-19 Loss Claims

Business Interruption Policies Should Cover Coronavirus Losses, Restaurants Say A federal judge will soon decide whether Cincinnati Insurance Co. wrongfully denied a business interruption claim—and whether a Dallas restaurant group is entitled to compensation for losses stemming from forced shutdowns...

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Can I Sue Someone for Exposing Me to the Coronavirus?

As Texas & Other States Reopen, Many Have Questions About COVID-19 Lawsuits & When They Can Sue for Coronavirus Exposure The coronavirus has taken tens of thousands of lives while upending the lives of millions more. For those navigating the...

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Coronavirus Business Interruption Claims Expected to Surge & Face Challenges

Insurance Companies Have Already Started Pushing Back & Denying COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims The coronavirus hasn’t just crippled public health and the health care system. It’s also slowed or shuttered millions of businesses across the nation—from major brands, like Bloomingdale’s...

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Hospitals Receiving Stimulus Money Are Banned from Surprise Medical Billing for COVID-19 Treatment, White House Says

Prohibition on Surprise Medical Billing Means Coronavirus Patients Should Be Billed at In-Network Rates The U.S. healthcare system will see an influx of $100 billion in federal stimulus funds over the coming months. These funds are intended to ease the...

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