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Car Accident Claims

5 Things a Lawyer Looks at When Analyzing a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

After an auto wreck, victims can be uncertain as to whether they have a claim for recovery and, if so, how to proceed with that claim. To determine the legal options, it is usually necessary to carefully go over certain...

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How Seatbelt Use Can Impact Car Accident Cases

When car crashes happen, wearing a seatbelt can reduce the risk of moderate to catastrophic injuries by 50 percent – and the risk of deadly injuries by 45 percent.1 Despite this – and the fact that Texas law mandates seatbelt...

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Is Texting While Driving Negligence Per Se?

Negligence per se is a legal doctrine through which an illegal act (i.e., an act that violates the law) constitutes negligence. In Texas, texting while driving may constitute negligence per se, depending on the circumstances. Texas’ New Texting While Driving...

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Importance of Cellphone Records under Texas’ New Texting While Driving Law

About 1 in every 5 auto accidents in Texas involves a distracted driver. In 2016 alone, distracted driving contributed to nearly 109,660 crashes, causing 455 deaths and injuring more than 3,000 others.1 Looking to curb this dangerous and deadly behavior,...

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